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Submitted by alum96 on December 15th, 2015 at 12:16 AM

I am putting projections for the class in long form in diary every few weeks or as conditions change materially (will do update at end of week) but here is a short form for main board of remaining prospects as I am guessing in terms of probability.  Obviously 2 names will fall one way or the other by Thursday at 12:30 PM.

I am also projecting Kiante Enis (Indiana visit this weekend, said a few weeks ago only 1 contact from UM in a month) and Weaver (Temple visit) out of the class by NSD to open 2 spots.

Obviously which "category" someone falls in is subjective but tried to put them in appropriate pods with info we have now and then a few guys at bottom of the chart I just can't tell.   Someone like Allen could also come out of the blue as we saw tonight. 

Guys like Murhphy and Onwuzurike still have UM interest but is there room for a DE in class - I would assume we are recruiting them in case other guys fall out of class, and it's better to take talent no matter the position in the last few weeks.   Same with someone like Hudson. 

Pos Name Ntl Rnk Projected Top Comp
  UM Favorite?      
DL Rashan Gary 1 UM SEC
RB Kareem Walker 38 UM FSU
OL Terrance Davis 65 UM MD?
TE Chase Allen 562 UM MN
PK Quinn Nordin (PSU) >1000 UM PSU
  Less Certainty?      
CB Lavert Hill 143 UM MSU
LB Devin Bush Jr 238 UM / FSU FSU
LB Jonathan Jones 422 UM / ND ND
DB Chris Brown 717 UM Texas
  Solid Chance      
CB David Long (Stanford) 63   Stanford
OL Jean Delance 90   Texas / LSU
WR Dylan Crawford 101 Oregon UM
  Some Shot      
TE Isaac Nauta 9 GA GA
LB Dontavious Jackson 123 Texas? Many
WR Donnie Corley 119 MSU  
ATH Khaleke Hudson 593 WV  
  Doesnt Seem in Cards      
ATH Mecole Hardman Jr 19 AL  
LB Caleb Kelly 23 OK  
DT Boss Tagaloa 96 UCLA  
ATH Jordan Fuller 128 OSU  
DL Chris Daniels 171 OK  
DL Levi Onwuzurike 273 WASH  
TE Jacob Mathis 315 UF  
WR Velus Jones (USC) 426 OK?  
  Confused Shot      
WR π Young 394 ?  
ATH Victor Viramontes 435 Cal  
DL Connor Murphy 205 USC USC
Off Board        
LB Jeffrey McCulloch 81 Texas?  
WR Eddie McDoom 397 Oregon  
DL Terrell Lucas >1000 Duke  



Gucci Mane

December 15th, 2015 at 12:26 AM ^

I feel more confident in Lavert Hill than anyone else. Seems you are overacting by putting him off the most likely group. But whatever there is no consequence so who cares.


December 15th, 2015 at 12:33 AM ^

Basically going off Sam's comments past week about the loss of Durkin hurting us.  2 weeks ago Lorenz had him as "most likely" commit on the board and he has also backed off.  I still have him as a good probability - just not in the nearly sure thing of a few weeks ago. 
 He wasn't super effusive post official this week either in his comments but always difficult to read into those - I dont know what else he was going to learn on an official at this point as he has lived in AA for 3 months and his bro goes here. 


December 15th, 2015 at 3:04 AM ^

Hoping for Lavert Hill, Devin Bush Jr., Kareem Walker, and Rashan Gary to round out this class.  Would love to have all them lol but hoping for the best.  In Harbaugh I trust. 


December 15th, 2015 at 7:54 AM ^

When did Hardman become a Bama guy? He was Georgia all the way -- did he say something after Bama hired his recruiter from UGA? Or is that just assumed based on the positive things he's said about him in the past?


December 15th, 2015 at 9:23 AM ^

Its prob GA v AL.   Pruitt was with his mom at church while son visiting UM.


“I’ve been feeling Alabama, anyway, but with him being there, that just made my feelings a whole lot better,” Hardman told SEC Country. “Coach Pruitt is a great coach and I’d love to play for him.”

The 5-foot-10, 175-pounder took to Twitter shortly after UGA fired Mark Richt and showed his support for Pruitt. The defensive coordinator was actually in church with Hardman’s mother when the news of Richt being fired broke.

Another factor that may give Alabama an edge for the U.S. Army All-American; he has made it clear that he thinks the Crimson Tide holds an advantage in one key area. “Defensively wise, Alabama is the best fit for me because of the schemes they run,” Hardman said. “They play a lot of man. I think I fit that scheme perfectly.”


December 15th, 2015 at 8:07 AM ^

On the Recruiting roundup Sam just brought up a name I had never heard of. Called him "Levi O" with an African sounding last name and he said he is one of Michigan's top targets. He is a highly rated DE, Baylor is the biggest competition for him but we have a real shot.

Edit: here's his 247 profile. Looks like a fringe top 250 prospect with some decent offers.


December 15th, 2015 at 9:29 AM ^

Yep I have him on the list - I think he is announcing a top 4 soon so if UM is there I'll put him in the category of Connor Murphy I guess in "hmmm".  We still seem to be recruiting that position but the only way we have room for a DE is quite a few misses on main targets or >2 people falling out of class or more than 1 greyshirt IMO.  

At least Connor has some UM crystal balls to UM while Levi is a very quiet recruitment in those terms - only WA crystal balls so difficult to know what he is thinking - if UM is not in his top 4 its moot and I will remove him.

SD Larry

December 15th, 2015 at 8:22 AM ^

Thanks for this well thought out summary Alum96.  Helps clarify and focus what remains in the race to signing day.  If we get Gary or Walker (both would be fantastic), one of the linebackers (hoping for 2) and end up at 28 in the class out of the names listed it will be a great finish and a great class.


December 15th, 2015 at 8:46 AM ^

I'd like to see limits set on when these players can be recruited.  Perhaps the earliest contact should be at the end of their Jr season of football.  The current no-contact period is a good rule. There should also be an early signing period, so that a recruit can commit, secure his scholarship, and avoid the late pressure and bagmen that seem so prevalent before NSD.  Also gives the coaches time to rest and spend w/ families.

We seem to always have players locked-up for the longest time after they and families have had time to make a rational decision, only to lose them at the last minute in a fly-by-night fashion.  It might also avoid the entitlement atmosphere that so many seem to exhibit.


December 15th, 2015 at 9:13 AM ^

Agreed other than your last sentence which was mildly offensive. Maybe let's not call high schoolers entitled in the context of wanting to further restrict their rights to accept a prospective scholarship for thousands while making their school millions

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December 15th, 2015 at 8:51 AM ^

I wonder what Quinn Nordin is waiting for. Also I just don't get Nauta's logic. I get that he loves Georgia and everything, but if they don't use their TE's much then how does he plan on getting to the NFL??

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December 15th, 2015 at 9:02 AM ^

I hope your wrong on Enis. I have watched films on kids for more than 10 years and I never have seen anyone seperate from defenders like he does. He seems to put two yards between himself and anyone else with one stride. He might play in a lower division, but even that doesn't explain what you see on film. No one would able to separate that drastically that consistently regardless of level.

I will be shocked if that kid doesn't turn out to be a major college weapon.


December 15th, 2015 at 9:50 AM ^

Yep as I go thru the lower "rated" guys Harbaugh wants Kingston Davis for sure and Chris Evans and Antwaine richardson were just on campus.  Evans also tweeted Peters after he won Mr.  Football in Indiana how he can't wait to play with him next year in AA.  I don't think Enis has a twitter account as best as I could tell.

So that leaves Sir Patrick Scott, Weaver, Devin Gil, Sean McKeon, Metellus, and Dytarious Johnson.

Of that group Gil and Metellus are from Flanagan so if Bush comes I can't see backing off on those 2.  Gil is 215 lbs supposedly so projecting to LB which we need. Johnson is a LB which we need.

McKeon is a TE which we seem to be missing out on our top targets and I assume Jim will want 2.

So that leaves Sir Patrick Scott which could be bumped if we flip Long and get Hill I suppose.  And Enis who just had an official to Indiana this weekend while Evans and Peters were in AA.  And Weaver who is visiting places like Temple.

We'll see how it turns out!