Update on Zack Novak (chicks dig scars!) as well as new recruits from Chesterton

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Mostly fluff (and known fluff at that), but still some nice quotes in there.  Great to see him reclaiming his scorer's mentality.  Also a reference to "Chicks Dig Scars" (an aneurysm of salesmanship? ;).

The only big-name player to come out of Chesterton High before Novak was IU's Matt Nover, who people my age will remember as "oh that white dude from Blue Chips", but after Mitch people have been paying more attention to CHS, or at least wanting to, judging by numerous comments made on the site.

Unfortunately, their two star 2015s (rising juniors) are leaving The Cheese: Matt Holba because his parents are moving to Indianapolis, and Chris Palombizio because his dad, himself a former Indiana Mr. Basketball who left Purdue for Ball State, thought he was being underused (shockingly) and is sending him to one of those basketball academies (albeit one without the East Coast location or reputation).  The good news is Mitch McGary left CHS and got even better, so there is hope.

Here's a UMHoops article on Holba from last August to refresh your memory.  And a scouting report on Palombizio, who camped with UM last summer.  (Both grew up idolizing Novak, and he couldn't even watch them play at camp.  Thanks, NCAA.)

While it's doubtful either will receive their offer in mid-June when the first round are extended, we shall see.  But just like with GRIII and Spike, there's also plenty of other great talent and teams in Northwest Indiana.  Two area targets who will likely get offers:  Hyron Edwards is at East Chicago (alma mater of E'Twaun Moore and ) and Ryan Fazekas at Michigan City Marquette.  Holba, Edwards, and Fazekas were all Second-Team All-Area as sophomores; Palombizio an honorable mention.



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UMHoops has had a few Q&A sessions with Zack Novak as well through the course of Michigan's current season, but he seems like he is having fun in The Netherlands, and it is great to hear that he'll be running a camp in town this summer. Actually, Landstede has not been in contention for the Dutch Cup in a while from the sound of it, per the last UMHoops interview in March (HERE), so hopefully they do well in playoffs.

Thanks for sharing these updates.

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Dan Palombizio is an arrogant ass.  Back when I was still in high school, he moved his older son from Michigan City to New Buffalo High School in Michigan, and became the head coach to try to make him into a superstar.  He ended up being a decent class D player on a mediocre team.  I have no idea if Chris is a good player or not, but It doesn't surprise me at all to see his dad outspokenly thinking that he is being underused and needs to change schools.

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It's going to be very difficult for anyone to ever supplant Zack Novak as my favorite Michigan player ever. He is the most underappreciated player in a long time. Part of my love affair with him is that we were students at the same time, but he was a leader in a turbulent time for Michigan basketball, and will forever be the face of the new era of Michigan basketball. 


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...but Michigan is very interested in Conner TenHove, a 2016 from Valparaiso High School.  6'5" already, and played JV as a freshman, which neither Scott Martin nor Rob Hummel (class of 2007) did.


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As someone born and raised in Chesterton (still have a 219 cell phone), you forgot a Division 1 player from not that long ago that came out of there.  Brett Buscher.  He played at Purdue and then got drafted overseas.  Northwest Indiana is always loaded with talented players.  I officiated H.S. basketball there while I was going to college.  as a cool story bro. moment, my first ever game officiating, I was 19 years old and Zach Novak was a freshman for Chesterton.  They played their rival school, Valparaiso.  I almost blew the game in overtime when I made a bad call.  Thankfully it didn't affect the game.

Division 1 talent out of Northwest Indiana that I remember from the last few years:

1. Josh Mayo (From Merrillville, IN) - Played for DePaul (I believe).  Short guard that was quick and could shoot the lights out.

2. Robbie Hummell & Scott Martin (Valparaiso, IN) - Played for Purdue.  Two tall wings that did a lot of things in H.S. and came up just short of a state Championship.

3. E'twaan (Sp??) Moore (East Chicago, IN) - Played for Purdue as well

4. Zach Novak (Chesterton, In) - We all know what he did.  He was a sharp kid in H.S.  Had no fear of shooting from anywhere.  i saw him drill one from about 7 feet short of the half line.


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That's true about Buscher, although since I'm from Valpo I don't care about Chesterton as much as you do ;)

(And maybe my post was too long, but at the end I did cite [and spell correctly :)] E'Twaun Moore, though I forgot to add Angel Garcia and Kawann Short after the "and")

Add Hayden Humes, a rising senior at UIC at the moment.  Plus all the kids from Bowman, though none have done a whole lot yet, there are a half-dozen playing DI.