Update re: Patrick Fleming (MMB Trumpet)

Submitted by mvp on September 29th, 2011 at 12:36 PM

The tragic story from Monday about the Michigan Marching Band Trumpet player who was killed in a car accident was a forum topic earlier this week.  Several people had said they'd like to know when more details were available.

The information below is from the weekly MMB e-newsletter in the section written by Scott Boerma, the Band Director:


The students and staff of the Michigan Marching Band are deeply saddened by the loss of Patrick Fleming, a 2nd-year member of our trumpet section.  He was involved in a fatal car accident on his way to classes on Monday morning.  Patrick had an infectious smile at all times and was a devoted member of our MMB family.  His dedication to living life fully was inspiring, and he had a positive impact on all of us. 

We have received a huge outpouring of calls, emails, and Facebook messages from parents, family members, friends, and colleagues throughout the country, offering their thoughts and condolences.  The student president of the Michigan State University Spartan Marching Band called me this morning to tell me that a group of SMB students would like to visit one of our rehearsals this week to offer their support.  It's great to know that we have so many thoughtful and caring friends out there. 

The following arrangements have been made: 
Monday, October 3, from 4:00-7:00pm
Visitation will take place at C&H Funeral Home - Ypsilanti 
    411 South Adams Street
    Ypsilanti, MI  48197-5405
    (734) 482-9889

Tuesday, October 4, at 11:00am 
The funeral will be held at The New Hope Baptist Church - Ann Arbor
    218 Chapin Street
    Ann Arbor, MI  48103-3390
    (734) 994-4620

The Michigan Marching Band's performances this Saturday in Michigan Stadium will be dedicated to Patrick, and his position in the marching drill will remain unfilled that day.  The band members will wear special armbands and trumpet pins in his memory.  

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
Professor Scott Boerma 




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Facebook post from Jeff Johnson, member of the Spartan Marching Band (if his photo is any indication): "Today members of the MSU, OSU, and EMU Marching Bands delivered tokens of support to the Michigan Marching Band. One of these was a rose from each of the bands in the Big Ten. This is a picture of the roses after they were laid on Elbel field where Patrick stood in the block M." The SMB also performed "Amazing Grace" in Patrick's honor at the conclusion of one of their rehearsals this week, and delivered a DVD of the performance to the MMB yesterday. Classy and touching.


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The SMB has been amazingly gracious and wonderfully supportive.

Worth noting that in addition to the SMB, the OSUMB and the EMUMB sent representatives yesterday to offer their condolences. Jeremy said it but I wanted to stress it. OSU presented a gray baton (the type used by MMB and OSUMB drum majors) dedicated to Patrick, with an inscription. They also presented letters written by their members. The SMB and OSUMB also contacted the rest of the B1G marching bands, who sent flowers, which you see adorned above.

I thought it was most remarkable that the OSUMB sent representatives from Columbus. Touching, truly. What the SMB did for us - playing Amazing Grace - was also inspiring. Nothing in rivalry - only in loyalty and honor.

This is why I love the B1G. Classy people. Well, classy marching bands at least.


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Kevin Sedatole (Director of Bands at MSU) also posted a video this morning of the SMB performing Amazing Grace as a dedication to Patrick.  Tragic news, to be sure.  Very nice to see the outpouring of support.


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I went to high school with Patrick and had multiple classes with him, at Pioneer High School. Genuinely, one of the nicest kids you could ever meet. When that article said he ALWAYS had a smile on his face, that is not a lie. RIP Patrick. You were an amazing kid, and prayers go out to you and your family.


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It's rivalry. Rivalry does not need to be suspended during tragedy, and in fact increases camradarie in these times. Do you see SDSU or Bama or some school we've played or will play soon but don't play on the regular showing up?

Rivals are brothers in a competetive family. They put down. They "hate". They always want to win. But when the outside world intrudes, they've got your back.


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Despite the deep-seated intensity of each team's rivalry, the bands have a mutual respect for one another.  As a member of the MMB, it was always humbling to be part of an organization that put its love of music and performance above what occurred on the football field.  The gesture of support from OSU/MSU/EMU and the other B1G bands reflects that.

Kudos to them.