UPDATE: Pipkins taken to hospital for precautionary reasons

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Kyle Feldscher @KFeldscherAAcom

Police scanner: Ambulance crews responded to Schembechler Hall minutes ago for a report of a football player with a spinal injury.


Thoughts and prayers


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Injured player was freshman DL Ondre Pipkins. Had movement of extremities was taken to hospital for precautionary reasons.



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Regardless of who was hurt this would be horrible news. There is nothing scarier than spinal cord injuries and I sincerely hope this turns out to be simple a precaution rather than an indication of a career ending scenario. Prayers to all.


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I always have to wonder about football when my concern goes from whether or not someone can get up to full speed again (like Wormley) to whether he'll walk again...I just hope that whoever this is doesn't have to go through what Brock Mealer went through (or worse). 

EDIT: Moving extremities = great relief. 

Todd Plate's n…

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right there with you, first name that came to mind in terms of hoping it's not him. 


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his latest:

"It's likely that HVA will err on the side of caution and not give away too much information. They're bound by HIPAA laws."  also noting that any name will likely have to be released by the universtiy.



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A "spinal injury" can only be determined by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon after a battery of tests and imaging, which may include both CT and MRI studies.

"Spinal precuations" are the standard procedures routinely followed by EMT's whenever they are triaging and transporting patients with any sort of a complaint of a possible neck injury.  Backboards, neck bracing, immobilization, etc.

"Spinal precautions" is what we know about.  "Spinal injury" may not even be applicable in this case.


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Yes, they weren't spinal injuries.  The spine nor the spinal chord was not damaged in either case.  The ambulance was called on both accounts due to a potential spinal chord injury.  The EMT's both times took each seriously, as they should, but they were both taken to the emergency room as a precautionary measure.  It's still very unnerving to see one of your athletes taken away on a backboard.


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There is a slightly higher risk for receivers and DBs, since they tend to be more involved in high-speed collisions, but it could happen just about anywhere. RBs and linebackers are also at risk, because the nature of the position is that they're leading with the head. A QB would be unlikely, since they usually play with a red shirt in practice.


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Hopefully just some fractured or compressed disks or something that implies full recovery, regaurdless who it is...if it was Mealer though, I'll slap god next time I see him.

O Fo Sho

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a parent of a player right now.  As a parent the thought just makes me sick.  I can't imagine the panic and scrammbling for more info.....awful.  Prayers are with the players and families!


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Players have taken shots in just the wrong way that gives them a nasty, temporarily weakening or paralyzing stinger, but it doesn't last and they're fine very shortly. PLEASE BE THAT!

OMG the QB is toast

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We've seen how hard these guys have been working, so I really feel for the injured player. Hopefully the team and staff are just being careful. Regardless, let's hope for a speedy and complete recovery.


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Regardless of who it is, my thoughts go out to them as well as their family and the team. Spinal injuries can end careers and alter lives, so hopefully this is precautionary and a full recovery is possible.

EDIT: Excellent to hear that Pipkins is moving his extremities. Great sign, and hopefully, it's a full and speedy recovery.


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Please be a false alarm is all I can say.  I was pushed into a shallow pool once when I was 12 and fell forward on the crown of my head.  I came up to the surface with numbness in my legs and a buzzing in my ears.  Couldnt hear or feel anything.  One of the scariest moments of my life.  For 3 days I was convinced I would wake up paralyzed the next morning.

Prayers for the team and individual affected.


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I hope this is nothing and it turns out that everything is ok. I have had ambulances called at games and practices just as precautions. I really, really, really hope this is just that.


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My thoughts and prayers go out to all the players/families. BIg Picture here is I hope nobody is seriously hurt, even if they never play another down of football.



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If he's got movement and feeling in all extremities, he'll be fine.

I'm glad to see that the MANBALL philosophy of our coaches doesn't extend to the"if the bone isn't sticking out, you're fine" level.

Get well soon, Ondre! Big Will has more to teach you!


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Ondre Pipkins suffered a neck injury this morning but is moving all extremities.


EDIT - 1 minute late. Oops. Either way, thoughts and prayers to the young man I know he'll battle through and be fine