UPDATE: Jared Van Slyke possibly injured yesterday

Submitted by mgolf4 on September 1st, 2010 at 4:21 PM

UPDATE, (5:07pm) as noted below Jared Van Slyke is reported to be banged up. I got my information from a friend who had talked to a player on the team last night. My friend was checking on the false Craig Roh rumors for me and as it turned out my friend was told Van Slyke broke his collarbone. My guess is that, Slyke appeared to have broken his collarbone as he was taken off the field but the x-rays were negative. Sorry I don't have anything more definitive. Again I will update if anything comes up.


Unfortunately, Jared Van Slyke broke his collarbone in yesterday's practice. Jared, the mgoblog community wishes you a speedy recovery. 

 I am guessing it depends on the severity of the fracture, which is unknown at the moment, but according to this site he will be back to full activities in about 12 weeks -->


 If I get any new information I will post an update.



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I broke mine a few years back and it took about 8 weeks. However, my arm was in a sling for that entire time and lost a lot of strength, so I can see the 12 week prognosis. I also did not require screws or plates or anything. I imagine that would take even longer to heal.


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we're going in circles here. The roster you link to, his father when referring to him by name, and all available evidence on Google and from our knowledge of M football, says his name is Jared.

So you continue to go with Jordan.

I'm just busting your balls a bit, people make mistakes. But knowing that the players sometimes read this site, I feel like it's worth it to edit it so their names are right.