Update on BTN/Comcast: Good news for B1G footprint residents

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on April 12th, 2018 at 4:56 PM

You will get BTN if you're in the #footprint.


Hi Bob, upon further review, the out-of-market Big Ten Network feed, which was carried on the Sports & Entertainment package in non-Big Ten states, was dropped, however, customers in Big Ten states in their regular channel line-up, will still continue to be available. -JRW

— ComcastCares (@comcastcares) April 12, 2018

Update: Spoke to a Comcast rep who said Comcast customers in the state of Michigan will still have BTN.

Anything beyond that is TBD. But if you live in the state and you have it, appears you're OK.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) April 12, 2018



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to keep my tv+internet at about the same price/month ($110/mo), I had to lower internet service with Time Warner and the quality on PSVue wasn't always great. I switched back to bunding and now for $110 I get internet 3x faster and I don't deal with laggy streams.

House Mother

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I frequently watch BTN in Florida...which is full of retirees from Big 10 areas (my mom included). I think they will get a lot of push back from that state too. Many more Big 10 fans than SEC fans in most parts of the state.


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I am wondering at what point the Big Ten opens BTN2GO to anyone as a subscription service. At some point, the revenue from forced subscribers in footprint only will be lower than that from people nationally willing to pay.


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I was about to pick up the phone and read Comcast the riot act and a half basically, so I am glad I saw this thread before I did that. There was even a half-rehearsed speech involved too, so I am definitely happy there's no need to swear like that. 


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Based on the other thread, I was worried it was already dropped so I pulled up my xfiniti app to see if it was still listed in my channel line up. I was relieved when I saw it was, then disappointed when I saw they are currently airing a rerun of the MSU spring game.


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I live in Texas. I can access BTN on my laptop through my cable subscription. Is there any way to play it on my TV through apple tv or xbox one? HDMI is a pain in the ass. 


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and was told it's gone at the end of April in Ann Arbor.

But they're incompetent so who knows?

We downsized into a condo complex in A2 a few years ago and our board is looking at bringing in someone else to provide service. My mom has a condo in Naples and they threw Comcast out and brought in Summit Broadband who strung fiber to the building and re-used the existing coax. They have BTN in the basic line up and the HD trople play is only $70/month. Hoping we can work out a similar deal here in A2.


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A competent communications operation would have never allowed this situation to develop in the first place. But then we're talking about Comcast.


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My son loves to watch the nick ap because it has all episodes of every show. Recently Comcast let the contract with Viacom run out and the app won’t let him watch anything. Comcast answer was to use their streaming ap, and when I pointed out that the Comcast ap has 1 or 2 eps a show, they said they are working on renewing the contract. That was 3 months ago and crickets. Comcast is horrible


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In California UVerse is best for BTN its in HD.

Comcast guy recently called me to get me to switch, but they don't offer BTN in HD, so I will stay with Uverse for just that reason.


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Too late, I have wow coming tomorrow morning to install 500 mbs internet for 59.99 a month. Comcast was charging me 80 a month for 150 mbs and they have a data cap where wow doesnt. They asked why I was cancelling, I said Jim Deleney told me to.


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Unbelievable. Well totally believable being comcast. Contract is up in the summer, so time to switch. In my area I can get DirectTV, Dish and Frontier FIOS. Anybody actually have good experiences with any of these?


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I hate Comcast.  They are always changing their rules for customer interaction and who can change what.  You have to go through Hell just to save money which I think is the point.


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"The market" for BTN is nationwide (worldwide in fact)? This is such a narrow viewpoint. I see that all versions of BTN on my Comcast account here in Florida have been deleted. Comcast told me I can still go to the website or You Tube fir access. This does not help me with DVRing the late games.