Update on Austin Hatch

Submitted by Raoul on January 14th, 2013 at 10:11 PM

Scott Kreiger, the coach of Canterbury's basketball team, was interviewed at halftime of a recent girl's basketball game (podcast) and provided a brief update on Austin Hatch. Kreiger said that Hatch had been cleared for everything except for five-on-five full-court play. He also said that Hatch is determined to reach two goals—play basketball for Michigan and become a doctor. Here's a recent tweet indicating there's a chance he might yet play this season:

Austin Hatch cleared for 5 on 5 halfcourt. Still hoping he can play before season's end.

— Brett R Rump (@IndianaWebSport) January 15, 2013



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Nice for Mr. Hatch, but also almost as important is the fact that Beilein and the Michigan staff stuck by a recruit  (see SEC for counter examples).


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almost as important. Kid lost his family, somehow beat death, and is now working back to playing at a top school in D-1 basketball and headed towards becoming a doctor. Comparing his journey to Beilein's actions is insulting.


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Never been as excited to see a player get on the court for the first time.

It will be nuts when he steps on the court for the first time at Crisler!!


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This is really good news. Glad to hear that Austin remains determined to achieve his dreams in spite of all the adversity he has faced and the terrible losses he has endured. It's impossible not to root for this kid. Hope to see him suit up someday for Michigan.

San Diego Mick

January 15th, 2013 at 12:09 AM ^

gives me goose bumps thinking about it.

I truly hope he is able to do the things he loves and I have a strong feeling he will be successful at whatever he takes on.

I really want to be able to see him on the MBB Team so that I can root for him like no athlete I ever have, whether he be a fringe or star player, I will always root for him.

Also, a Medical Degree from U-M ain't a bad thing to go for either, Go Austin and Go Blue!!!


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Yeah, my bad. Now that I think about it it makes sense for a team that plays 5 on 5 to practice in a halfcourt set. It's been too long since I've played organized ball (frosh yr of HS) and I'm just used to pick up games, where 5 on 5 halfcourt would be a mess. 


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This story just gets more moving with each update really. Austin Hatch is just an incredible kid who has remained tenacious and worked toward his goals in the face of unfathomable loss. He will deserve every single second of the standing ovation he is sure to get the first time he walks onto the court at Crisler. 


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Great to hear that Austin is continuing to make progress and I truly hope he is able to play in some games before the year is out.

Although it's nice to hear that he is making progress, I have yet to see any updates that really talk about where he is in his recovery process.  How's he's speech, memory, mental processing speed, and mental stamina?  (for privacy sake I really don't expect to hear about these things)  I hope that he can make it back to where he was before the accident.  What the kid has been through is horrific.  Keep fighting, Austin, we're all pulling for you.   We're all pulling for you Austin


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I'm very happy for Hatch and proud that Beilein and his staff have really stuck behind Hatch.  There's no guarantee he will ever be the player who they recruited, but I think it sends a strong message, that they care about things other than just winning.

Another positive thing to consider is the fact that Hatch is going to get a substantial time to recover.  He will have this year and then another one in high school.  Plus, he will likely have a redshirt year (assuming he still wants to play basketball) in college.  This gives him over two years to recover.  Whether he is able to contribute or not doesn't matter at this point, but at least he should have a chance.

Best wishes to Austin


January 15th, 2013 at 11:08 AM ^

A side thought...  I don't think I heard any comment ever, about his father, the pilot in both crashes.  His father, rest in peace, sorry to say, was reckless.  To cause not one but two crashes, killing not one but TWO wives, TWO kids,  is irresponsible.  The first one is a mistake, the second time is gross negligence.

Everyone Murders

January 15th, 2013 at 1:17 PM ^

I thought about pulling up the NTSB reports on the crash, to figure this out.  Then, about a nanosecond later, I realized it doesn't matter one bit.  The man is dead, his wives are dead, and two of his kids are dead.  His other son is struggling to recapture a bright future (and I'm with Don on this - the main thing is for him to get the medical degree, with any basketball being a total bonus by my lights).

A better question then occurred to me.  Why do you choose this forum to raise the issue of his father's potential negligence?  And I honestly can't fathom why. 

I don't recall you posting inflammatory stuff in the past, so I don't want to come off too harsh here.  But I suppose it's best to underscore that there's no profit on a Michigan sports blog in attacking a recruit's father - especially when that recruit's father is among loved ones he lost in a tragic accident.