Upcoming Pac-12 Home and Home

Submitted by Silly Goose on April 23rd, 2012 at 5:35 PM

Earlier today when being questioned about the band, Dave Brandon also said that he would be announcing a home game against a Pac-12 opponent soon, as part of the Big 10/Pac-12 partnership. We already know that Sparty will be playing Oregon soon, so I highly doubt we will be looking at the Ducks for this game, but who else might it be? USC's schedule is empty after 2013, and seeing how they have recently traveled to OSU I think there is a good shot the Trojans visit Ann Arbor soon. 




As the internet is the best place for speculation, does anyone have any other ideas, thoughts, kitten pictures...?



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does it.  (e.g. trips to PSU and Wisc)

The teams with smaller stadiums and/or willingness to gain in profile will do it.

I agree with Purple Stuff - we can't rule out a single game visit.  Until you know that information, it could be anyone from the 'haves' like USC, UCLA, ASU to the 'have nots' like WSU and OSU.

UM Indy

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Don't know about Penn St., but Wisconsin visits Oregon St. this year, i.e. return trip that's part of home and home. Future schedule also shows Wisconsin returning trip to Arizona St. and home and homes with Washington and Washington St.

So I'll stick with my prediction that we are playing a home and home with a Pac 12 team.


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So that's how we coazed Uconn onto the schedule then?  Go there in hopes they come here?  I seriously doubt a few of the lower end pac 12 teams would have any issue the the exposure that comes from playing at the big house and Michigan not returning the favor

Frank Drebin

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Here if more information from an article that was written just after the collaboration.

Starting in 2017, there will be a full slate of home-and-home series between the conferences. Yes, that means Ohio State will play in Pullman and Michigan will go to Corvallis. And vice versa. This isn't just about matching the big stadium teams and the smaller stadium teams.


Count on there also being plenty of special event matchups at marquee neutral sites -- such as NFL stadiums. There is plenty of room for creativity in order to generate more revenue.

Here is the link to the article. http://espn.go.com/blog/pac12/post/_/id/32292/notes-on-pac-12-big-ten-collaboration


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Thanks for the info!

I would like to see one of two things:

1- A full rotation- where there is a cycle each school goes through so every Big 10 plays every PAC 12 over 12 years in a repeatable format.

2- Paired in threes.  Each conference splits into 4 groups of three and each group is matched with one of those pairs indefinitely- or for an extended period of time (could also be three groups of 4 if that works better with pairs etc.). This way rivalries could form and top Big 10 could play top PAC 12 (and weak plays weak etc.).  Also think this may play better for national audiences.

Otherwise I agree with many in that USC would be a great get!


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My ideas:

If split into groups of three:

Top Group:


Middle 1:


Middle 2:

Ind, Ill, Iowa- OR ST, AZ ST, WASH



Or do it Geographically in groups of 4 (PAC 12 is already split into pods for travelling I believe):

Group 1, Western Big Ten vs. WA/OR


Gropup 2, Michigan, Ohio, Penn vs. CA


Group 3, Illinois and Indiana vs. AZ and new

NW, Indiana, Illinois, Purdue vs. ARIZ, ARIZ ST, Utah, Colorado




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When we beat them and then beat ND, we can make fun of ND because we not only beat them, but beat another team that beat them too.


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Or possibly Stanford.  Would love to see them go at it with us given their similarities on the field or in the classroom.  (A little revenge for stealing Garnett would be fun too).

Perkis-Size Me

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1 of 3 possibilities, in my mind:

1. USC

2. Stanford

3. Arizona (Rich Rod himself said he would welcome the idea of playing us)

If its against USC, ticket prices will likely be at the level of a BCS title game.

Wolverine Devotee

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I would love to get another shot at utah and beat them to a pulp. Even in 2002, Michigan didn't play well against them winning 10-7.

Would LOVE to get a shot at USC or oregon soon. Maybe even arizona state.


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Having grown up in Palo Alto, I would love to see Michigan-Stanford.  I think Michigan-USC should be a Rose Bowl thing, but it would be nice to get them in Ann Arbor for once and kick the living crap outta them.


April 23rd, 2012 at 6:06 PM ^

1. USC

2. Washington

3. Stanford

4. UCLA. 

It will not be outside of those four schools.  Which is awesome for me, since two of them are very close, and a third is a good road-trip excuse. 

USC would be cool, but since we'll be playing them in every Rose Bowl for the foreseeable future, I'd kinda like one of the other teams.


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No better way to start off the Pac12-B1G series than a night game against Washington State in 2017 marking the 20 year anniversary of Michigan beating Wazzou in the Rose Bowl for the '97 National Championship.  Bring back Woodson and Griese to honor them pre-game, maybe do the whole legends thing like they did wtih Desmond for the #2 and Woodson. 


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Seems most likely. Top 3 in conference, academic powerhouse, and some recent bad blood. That'd be an absolute slugfest, they signed the nation's best O line class + Barry Sanders Jr. to keep that run game alive.


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Not to take anything away from this matchup but getting USC in 2014/2015 would be r best choice since they would still be fresh off the probation and would b most vulnerable but would still b a big time game. Personally I want Zona!!!! Would love to see RR back @ da big house!!! Wonder how the fans would react??


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Washington and Colorado, both schools that UM has an interesting history with. The only schools out there I don't remember UM playing are cal and Arizona.