University of Michigan begins most epic Twitter Thread

Submitted by Kewaga. on December 26th, 2017 at 7:39 AM

It's slow so thought I would share. 


This is the time of year when many people do their best to put their differences aside and just let the holiday spirit consume them. That’s exactly what happened when the University of Michigan tweeted out a photo of the “Big House” covered in snow with the message, “‘Twas the night before Christmas…”



But what happened next was absolutely amazing.



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I mean seriously, I see the comic irony but it isn't like the line refers to child molestation and that connection is a massive stretch.

I'm all for calling for harsher punishments and am as disgusted as anyone about the lack of introspection at PSU, however I am little tired of the "OMG I SAW A LITTLE KID IN THE STANDS AT BEAVER STADIUM, HE'S PROBABLY BEING MOLESTED" hysterics. 


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I'm not saying BAN PSU from everything forever...just saying they have zero self-awareness.  If I'm the only one that caught this at first glance, perhaps I am to be called out for being overly sensitive / looking for a reason to crap on PSU.

But I think others might have found it at least a bit cringe-worthy as well.  Lots of lines to choose from - choose something about the snow or St. Nick, not one that could sound like a little child trying to get away.



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That made my day. Nothing better than collegiate athletics. Go Blue from Steubenville Ohio. Roll red roll. Steubenville big red that is. Fuck pretty much every other team that is red

UgLi Eric

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...of the random Umich athletic department employee who had this idea a month ago, then reached out to a targeted list of his or her peers and created this entire amazing holiday cheer across the NCAA and beyond?