Uniformz a better way?

Submitted by triguy616 on November 21st, 2012 at 10:05 AM

With the talk about Ohio State's uniformz for The Game, a friend and I came up with a different idea.  USC and UCLA's game this year featured the home uniform of both teams.



I think seeing Michigan wearing Blue and Ohio wearing Scarlet out there would be pretty cool.  Definitely better than doing the uniformz thing.

For confirmation that this is acceptable for all NCAA (pdf warning):

Jersey Color and Design
ARTICLE 5. a. Players of opposing teams shall wear jerseys of contrasting colors. Players on the same team shall wear jerseys of the same color and design.
1.  The visiting team shall wear white jerseys; however, the home team may wear white jerseys if the teams have agreed in writing before the season.
2.  If the home team wears colored jerseys, the visiting team may also wear colored jerseys, if and only if the following conditions have been satisfied:
a.  The home team has agreed in writing prior to the game; and
b.  The conference of the home team certifies that the jersey of the visiting team is of a contrasting color.
3.  If on the kickoff at the start of each half, the visiting team wears a colored jersey in violation of the conditions specified in paragraph 2 (above), it is a foul for unsportsmanlike conduct.


So the home team that year and the conference would have to okay it.

So what does the MGo crowd think?  Would this be a cool thing to do or would this be just as bad (or worse) than uniformz?


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November 21st, 2012 at 11:14 AM ^

Which was one of the primary reasons for white jerseys being introduced as an away uniform, because on black-and-white television, two color uniforms were nearly impossible to distinguish.  And it's also why numbers were added to the sleeves/shoulders of uniforms, so-called "TV numbers," because a sideline camera shot couldn't always catch the fronts and backs of the jerseys.

As for color-on-color games, the NCAA rule change happened because USC and UCLA had a tradition of doing this going back decades, and there were several years where they had to arrange ahead of time to each take the penalty hit (I think it was forfeiting a timeout), which started to rankle the coaches.  So finally the NCAA realized the rule was stupid, and largely irrelevant in the color TV era.  So... There you go.



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I love seeing two teams wearign their primary uniforms, especially when they are traditional.  I would be fine with it for any game between teams with different enough colors, but I think it would be an especially cool tradition for end of the year rivals.


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I dont like it.  Road teams wear road uni's and home teams wear home uni's IMO.  I know this particular topic has been beaten to death but if we HAVE to go with different uni's than the  norm why not bring these back for one game?

Real throwback uniforms....not fake ones!


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Personally I like the reason that USC and UCLA do it, which is basically that they used to always do that.  And the reason for that is that they spent a long time sharing the Coliseum as their home stadium, so they figured they would both wear their home jerseys when they played their game there.  The reason for the NCAA's somebody-has-to-wear-white rule was to make it easier to distinguish who was who in black and white.  That's more or less obsolete now.  I like dual colored jerseys for thing like special occasions, bowl games in particular.  Not sure how I'd feel about it for our game, because someone's always worn white and I think it'd look as wrong as it did when us and Sparty broke out uniformzz last year.


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It has everything to do with treadition.

Michigan and Ohio State always used to wear their "home" uniforms, color on color.  In the dedication game of Michigan Stadium, Michigan wore blue and Ohio State wore red.

In fact, more Michgan - Ohio State games have been played color on color than have been played color on white.



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I think we're in for at least another decade of olds complaining about uniformz. Eventually it will become mainstream and the older generation will have died off.


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Common now.  I didnt complain about anything.  I said I didnt like the "Home v Home" uni set up the OP suggested and offered an alternative that I'd like to see instead.

No reason to go hoping for my untimely demise over this for gosh sakes.  Save that for real important things like B1G expansion or who's should start at QB.

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Let me run a simulated game on PS3, see if we win, and I will get back to you...


But really, I think it would be pretty cool when at Ohio.  I don't want any more red in The Big House during a home game.


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....teams wore their "colors" whether home or away.  However, as time passed, both fans and coaches complained that was hard to distinguish between, for example, scarlet-jerseyed Ohio and cardinal-jerseyed Wisconsin.  So, white jerseys for a visiting team was considered [and actually was] a reform, at the time.  

I really think that if you go back far enough you could find a photo of a Michigan-OSU game where the teams are wearing "color" jerseys.  So I think that this idea would actually be a return to something done in the past. 



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With tradition taking a backseat to money and recruiting hype (which means more money), I can't see the league or the home team throwing up much of a fight if the visiting team wants to rock the home unis.


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and Ohio State football captains, 1927
Miss Gwen Dew of Ann Arbor (on 
the left) presented Michigan captain
Bennie Oosterbaan with a bouquet 
as part of the opening ceremonies. 
Miss Catherine Tallant of Ohio State 
did the same for Buckeye captain 
Ted Meyer.

above is a photo i tried to copy from the 1927 dedication game @ michigan stadium----michigan v osu


this should be the link




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I think it is a unique situation with UCLA and USC in that their home colors offer a decent contrast.  I don't think it will really work with a team that has a dark home color such as Michigan if the opposing team doesn't have an unusually light home color.  For example UM-OSU I don't think will work, but UM-GT will work.  


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...absolutely despises throwback unis. I've been a huge fan of all of them. Traditionalists suck. Let me guess, you want them to start wearing leather helmets again, lmfao. GO BLUE, BEAT OHIO.


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I sure hope there are at least four more threads about doing this before Saturday.  Hoke is unbeaten at home and if this gives Michigan a psychological advantage, I'm for it.  I think they'll be ready regardless and we don't have a say anyway.  As long as we beat Ohio why don't we give maize jerseys a shot....