Underestimated Offense

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Just like everyone else around here, I am now in MGoSlappy mode.  The countdown vid was awesome and blog entries are becoming more frequent.  I have now spent the last hour and a half in a lunch break UofM blogging stooper.  I was reading BHGP's summary of this seasons Wolverine defense.  I then scrolled down to read the comments and I came across this...."It’s pretty clear from RR’s career that his system only works if he’s got all-galaxy athleticism at the QB position."  The child then goes on to say this, "RR isn’t a Meyer or Tressel or Saban or Ferentz when it comes to developing talent (or recruiting it)."  I immediately became defensive.  As if I had a choice.

Does anyone else think that Denard could be much more productive than anticipated?  Like, say, maybe this productive: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_73bsdVi_c&feature=related  (sorry, I don't know how to display video) 

I hope actual opposing teams are looking at this Michigan offense the same way some of those uneducated Iowa fans are. 

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...we finished 3rd in the B10 in scoring with freshmen qbs and the molk issue. Anyone underestimating our offense should be required to take a look at 2009s offensive stats via freakin wikipedia. The numbers speak for themselves, then add in improvement to the qbs and OL. BOOM.

Edit: Also, we had the 4th ranked rushing offense in the conference even without DRob running wild. This is probably due to the inclusion of Baby Seal U, but with the way OSU and the rest of the conference gobble their OOC cupcakes I feel no remorse using these figures. FWIW we were also 1st in net punting, 3rd in PR and KR.


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That video makes my heart go all a-flutter. With a competent o-line to open up some holes, good downfield blocking by the WRs and RBs, Denard will go crazy.


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on the offense being underestimated. Not just because of last year's numbers but because both QB's have some experience under their belt and a decent OL. Hopefully Roundtree has another good year as well. The defense is where I'm worried and looking for the most improvement.

blue in ak

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More receivers and more receivers with experience?  It doesn't appear to me that we lost much talent from last year, well have some additional guys, and Odoms, Hemmingway, and Roundtree all have and additional year under their belts.  Doesn't the receiving corps have to be better this year?  Or am I forgetting something? 


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So, Shaun King, Woody Danztler, and Rasheed Marshall all possess "all-galaxy athleticism" and their development had nothing to do with Rich Rodriguez who was their quarterbacks coach...and I suppose that Scott Loeffler had nothing to do with Brady-Navarre-Henne.

They've clearly forgotten the fact that Denard Robinson made their stellar defense his bitch until he gave them an untrained freshman gift.

Whatever, in the immortal words of DMX: "They don't know who we be. They're looking, but they don't know what they see." Can't wait to see the gaping jaws from all these smug mother fuckers this year.


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Though I'm not yet ready to anoint Denard the second coming of Pat White, I can't help but watch that video and think of what could be this year.  Denard is significantly faster than Pat (a couple of Pat's other highlight videos show him getting caught from behind a few times) and has a stronger arm (though possibly a bit less accurate).  If he comes anywhere close to Pat's ability to run this offense, look out.


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But, the naysayers just keep shouting EIGHT-AND-SIXTEEN!  Here are the seniors of 2009:

OL losses - Moosman, Ortman, McAvoy

WR losses - Matthews, Savoy

SR losses - none

RB losses - Minor, Brown, Grady

QB losses - none 

Hello.  None of those losses was drafted and none was even honorable mention all conference picks by the coaches or the media.

The 2010 team has improved depth and maturity and comfort level at every position, save for RB, which I don't see as a critical position to refill, since Michigan hasn't been a "featureback" offense since Mike Hart and won't be anytime soon.  It's inconceivable to me that the 2010 offense won't be significantly better than 2009.