Underappreciated Jewel - High School Football Started This Week

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Just home from the first Varsity game of our local high school football team.  Last night it was a JV game.  Our oldest sons play on each team, respectively.   Up north you drive to these football fields and  you can literally see and hear (or smell) the nearby farms.  You are much more likely to be looking at trees and hills than any type of structure, excepting maybe a grain silo.  Tonight the weather was about as perfect as one could ask for:  low humidity, no clouds, about 68 degrees at kick off, full moon after sunset.  The communities come together and the bands play.  Young men learn so much playing a game, and most will never play again after their last game senior year.  My oldest son was literally beaming tonight after a thrilling, come-from-behind win, scoring with under 3 minutes left but with a roller coaster ride left to seal the win.  Were you that way when you were in high school? 

My oldest brother played at Northwestern and he was in attendance at last night's game.  One of our boys is his godson and brother was in town to see the game .  Brother lives a pretty fancy, sophisticated life these days but he was taking pictures last night and enjoying what slice of life it was to be at a football game up north. 

Many of you played football as younger folks, and I'd suspect a fairly large percentage into high school. I'd guess that there are more than a few marching band types (Read: Bando, MMB, and others) who played in high school or college. I, Like many of you, played a bunch of sports as a younger person and was lucky enough to play some in college, and into my later years.  This is a special time of the year and a special time in your communities.  

With all that said, tonight's questions are these:

1.  Will you attend any high school football games this year?  If so, where, when, and more importantly, why?  Your kids playing?  Your alma mater?  A great way to spend a Friday night?

2.  What is your favorite high school football memory? - and this is an expansive question in that the question isn't limited to a game that you played in.  Maybe the favorite was watching your buddies win a big game, or the local school finally make the playoffs, or just marinating in the fall weather, the band, the kids, the whole atmosphere of it all.  

8 days and a wake-up to ND, but high school ball is here.  Hope you are all well and getting psyched for football.  I think Michigan is going to torch some people this year.  

Go Blue!





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I went to all the home games when I was in high school, but unlike most of the students I was there to watch the football. I remember watching a game between Pioneer and Muskegon or something (I get the opponents mixed up) that finished something like 48-45 in the last seconds, and being disgusted that most of the students didn't even realize that there was a good game to watch. Too busy gossiping, flirting, and smoking.

My senior year I sat directly behind the band because my friend Dave, on clarinet, was in the back and we'd chat when he wasn't playing. That was nice.

High school football isn't huge in Duluth, though it gets a decent following in the outlying schools. I went to several games last year because a kid in my church was on the team; if I catch a game this year it will be spur of the moment, I'll probably watch a quarter of one game from a road that overlooks the field at the school closest to where I live.



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High School football coach myself. Just came home from our opener. A trophy game against our rival High School which is only 2 miles away. 43-13. Looking to build off our District final team from a year ago.


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I’ll be going to some high school hockey games account of my kids. I may take in a football game or two.  Oldest is a senior youngest a freshman, they have, obviously, never been on the same team, hoping to see them on the ice at the same time, but younger is playing JV right now.


i went to a small school in Ohio, Division 5, that played in a league with schools much bigger, D2 and D3. We won the first game my freshman year and not another til game 7 my senior year. I quit playing all sports after 10th grade because I wanted a car/job/money. Most of my friends still played and I went to as many games as working 3 jobs would allow. My senior year my English teacher told me in class one day that I was the new editor of the school paper. (Humblebrag) Part of my duties was to see what other schools wrote about. The week of game 7 my senior year the school we were playing published an article about how we didn’t belong in the league based on our record and performance. No mention that most schools had a 3 to 5 times advantage of number of students. Just basically we sucked and should be thrown out of the league. So I published their article in our paper. We went to their stadium Friday night and beat their asses 28-7. Rushed the field. Left hundreds of copies of their article laying on the field in our wake. Won next 2 games after that and in the finale lost 14-7 to the eventual D2 runner up, might have been the D2 runner up the previous year, (I take pills and memory stuff happens, so my facts sometimes get mixed up.) 

The head football coach thanked me for posting the article, said it pissed the guys off. Winning feels real good when you lose like 35 straight games.



Hotel Putingrad

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Now that my oldest is a freshman, I guess I have an excuse to check out the local high school football scene.

I played soccer in my youth.

Barely 40 hours until Duquesne and UMass kick off the college football season! Woo hoo!!



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I will watch atleast 1 Allen High School game here in dallas.  Defending big school state champs and returning their dynamic qb (grant tisdale). I don't have any ties to the school except i live in dallas now and like good football. My favorite memory in high school was our high school team being ranked #3 in ther nation as late as November. Only to lose in the game before states. Oh well,  go blue. 


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My Grand Nephew was asked last year to move up to Varsity. He's a sophmore. Not sure if he is starting yet, but he will get playing time. He has always been above average in ability and had some incredible highlights as a 78er. While playing Defensive end in 8th grade, he took the football right out of the QBs hands and ran it in for a TD.  My wife always goes to at least one game for all the nieces and nephews in sports. The G Nephew is on her side of the family. So, we are going to next weeks game. Feeling old thinking about his mom being 8 years old when I met my wife.

Favorite memory? How about first memory of high school football. My first play was the kick off team and I was so excited to play, as I had never played before. I had outside coverage, so no one was going outside me. Well the opposing kick returner ran straight up the middle for a TD. First play ever and I was so F'in disappointed. That returner eventually played at Michigan, so now I don't feel so bad.


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Haven't been to a high school game since I was in high school, and don't plan on it.

I don't understand high school pride or loyalty.

But my best memory was watching Frank Gore absolutely destroy our team and wonder who the hell that guy is. Then after watching his breakout game for the Canes against FSU looking back and realizing who that running back was.


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I will probably catch an EK game or two, a couple good friends on the defensive staff and the plus of watching some high level D1 players. Won’t bother going to any games but I’ll keep an eye on FHN as well.


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Ah...Pinckney High in the late 60s early 70s was very bad football. I played a free safety position because...well, I guess because I was fast and smart...but I had far too much action!!!

Two best memories: 1) Opened the season against Dexter-they were good we were bad. They had a very good, very large RB. He hits the hole untouched and it is he and I as I close in on him and his full head of steam my life flashes before my eyes...he makes a cut, slips and goes down...I live to see another play/day.

2) Stockbridge is in our league-they are very good, we are very bad. Jesse Campbell, all 6'11" All American HS basketball player that he is, played tight end. They send him over the middle and throw high to him for automatic completions. He is more than a foot and a half taller than I but after I flipped him a couple times they stopped running that play...words is that the basketball coach put a quick end to that strategy!

But the truth is...I should have never played the game...didn't matter how quick and fast I was...I was too small and the violence of the game took its toll. The physical beating I took my junior year compromised my play in other sports the rest of my playing days. I loved to play but...

Maize and Blue in OH

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My oldest son is a senior and is the starting LT for Westlake.  Team lost all 10 games last year, but has some optimism this year as the offense is loaded with playmakers.  Not sure whether the defense will be able to stop anyone, so I'm expecting lots of high scoring affairs.  We are in one of the best conferences in the State, so our ceiling is probably 4 wins.

Best memory is from 2 seasons ago when Westlake won its first playoff game since 1984 (when John Kolesar was on the team).  Demons won in OT after trailing at the start of 4th quarter 41-14.  


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I will go to a few games this year, because my kids high school, and my Alma mater have established a bit of a rivalry. Saginaw Valley league football is always good, tough,hard hitting football. Nice combo of corn-fed linemen, and Uber athletic skill position players. Every year my family tries to make it to the Dow vs. Midland civil war. A game that my brothers and I played in. 

Favorite memories: Trying to play corner against Charles Rogers, that was a tough out.

"Accidentally" laying the wood to Stu schweigert at a no contact scrimmage, it was a rb pass trick play. The rb lobbed the ball too high Stu went up and caught the pass, however I separated him from the ball with authority.

Summer time 7 on 7 drills, hosted by Bay City Western. One of our heated rivalries. There were 6 schools participating, but they made sure to stand by the entrance when we got there to start the intimidation. It was tense the entire day, always staring at each other as we walked past. It was palpable, the energy was buzzing throughout the day. Finally, the last matchup of the day was us verse them. This was 7 on 7 no pads tag your down passing exhibition. It was very physical from the beginning. Just waiting for someone to light the match and throw it on the powder keg. One of our db's was on a break crashing down on a comeback route. The QB threw it high and the kid got leveled. Everybody got quiet because our guy was on their side of the feild. The kid he tackled got up and pushed him. The match lit the powder, what ensued was like the charge scene in battle of the bastards from game of thrones. Two armies smashing into each other. We had a full compliment of every tight end, rb,Qb,receiver, linebacker,db on our team. At least 20 kids, and they had an equal number. Both coaching staffs let it roll for a minute or two before stopping it. That incident secured our status of being the toughest team in Michigan. I might be the only person on the blog that can write the following statement: I saw Phil Brabbs punch a guy....lol

Pepper Brooks

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My daughter is Drum Major this year so I'll be there for quite a few games. One game I will see for sure, as I have for all 4 years since I moved back to MI, is the Patriot Game between Traverse City Central and Traverse City West on Sept 14.  This one truly is a jewel.