Under Armour White Team OL vs DL Video

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Lots of reps for Michigan commits in this video.  Hard to tell with a video like this because it seems like the DL has the advantage, but Kugler and Dawson looked solid.  LTT is still raw.  Poggi looks quick.  Hunt looks good. 

Dorian Johnson did not look like the #2 OT in those reps.




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OK that was awesome, I love videos like that.  My takes:

LTT needs work.  Dude's big, but he needs work.  That's OK, because he'll have a year or two to do that.  

Poggi's reps were either incredible or he went nowhere.  You can tell he's a little undersized for the position, but has great moves and incredible quickness.  When he's 285 - watch out.  

Dawson and Hunt maybe looked like the best OL in that video.  They went up against very good talent and rarely got beat.   Hunt would be a welcome addition.

Kugler has a little but of the Poggi effect - undersized compared to most of that group, so when he was bull-rushed by the bigger, stronger guys, he got pushed back.  But he's quick and skilled too, and he'll get bigger.  Plus a center will rarely have to deal with elite pass-rushers will quick moves like some of those guys.  A DE against a C should be a mis-match in drills like this.  

EDIT: Poggi addendum - he probably had the 3 most impressive clips from that whole video.  There were a few times where it looked like the OL wasn't even ready for the drill, and I doubt that was actually the case.  When you don't get your hands on him right now, he's gone.  


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In some of the practice reports I read said that Poggi, "is good a becoming small and quick in tight spaces." 

I understand "quick in tight spaces", but the "good a becoming small" sounds strange to me.  Does that mean it is hard for OL to get a hand on him?

Ron Utah

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Getting small is a reference to turning your body in order to slip between blockers or slide off of blocks.  It is a difficult technique, and Poggi does it well.

I was impressed with Poggi, Dawson, and Kugler.  LTT has a long way to go.  Ira Denson was a beast.  Cameron Hunt also looked strong, and I would love it if we added him to the class.  He appears better than LTT.

Going back to Poggi for a second, you can tell he is a son-of-a-coach.  His technique is extraordinary for a HS kid, and I would expect him to start making an impact after a year of adding strength and weight.  In 2014, I think he will be in the rotation at DT or SDE.


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OK - chill out.  He's a huge dude going 1-on-1 with other All Americans.  We shouldn't have expected him to look great in these videos.  Did you see how big he looked though?  The coaches have a few years to turn that monster into an elite OT.  Might he still have trouble with All American-type DEs?  It's possible.  Some of the guys doing those drills are much closer to a finished product than LTT is.  


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Alright. Well apparently I am required to conform and call him "raw." I don't really understand why I can't have an opinion of his current skill level...it's not like they're in a competition to show off they're skills or anything. I called Dawson a beast and no one thought that was overhyping him. I'm sure LTT has a bright future under our coaches and maybe he will have a good game tonight too. I was simply commenting on a short video where I only saw bad things from him....hence...he was awful in the video against this competition. I'm sure he looks great in high school film. I apologize for striking a nerve with my comments, but like I said, it was just an opinion based on observation.

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Lets all keep in mind that LTT is 20 months away from getting any playing time, probably another year before he contends for a starting spot.

While he struggled against defensive ends (a position that is easier for athleticism to mask technique), I think conclusions should not be jumped to at this point.


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Good stuff.

Also, am I the only one who thinks it's a mis-print every time I see that Dee Liner is a D-Lineman?  I hear he has a twin brother named Oh, and guess what position he plays.


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I was surprised that he didn't really impress in this video. I didn't look at him and say "wow, that's one of the top prospects in the nation.  A 5 star for sure." In a drill that favors the defender he even was basically a push against LTT. Kelsey Griffin, Poggi, and several others performed much better.


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Dawson looked great in his few reps same with Kugler. I was really impressed with Ira Denson (FSU commit) he was lockdown every rep almost. And it's almost sad how easy it was for Carl Lawson..... He is good


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From 247sports, don't know why it says Baylor:




Patrick Kugler, Wexford (Pa.) North Allegheny
The Michigan commitment has manned the toughest position on the line in the all-star setting better than anyone else. Taking into consideration that it’s fast paced, with new install, very little time for connectivity among a line and in a setting that most certainly favors defensive linemen, the 6-foot-4, 275-pounder has been reactive, fundamentally sound and shown excellent lateral quickness.

Defensive Tackle

Henry Poggi, Baltimore (Md.) Gilman
While the defensive ends have received the majority of the attention, and for good reason, a trio of defensive tackles have stood out led by Michigan commit Poggi. The 6-foot-3, 260-pounder has proven to be too quick for any centers when lining up over the ball, and also shown a technically advanced use of his hands and the understanding of when to get small.


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 I dont think I saw Dorian Johnson or LTT win a rep in that video. These videos are fun and all but I've seen both ends of the spectrum and neither translated to college field excellence. I hope these guys get that even tho they might be dominant in high school they are offered scholarships off their potential. I hope the Michigan recruits keep working hard, harder than everyone else.


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Na'ty Rogers looked like one of the worst o-lineman out there and I know he appeared on our radar a few weeks ago. So based on that video, taken with a grain of salt, Hunt is a far better option than Rogers


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This fired me up. Poggi is fast, and relentless. His swim move worked really well, and he split through gaps before you could blink. He's gonna be a handful when he moves inside. Best looking Linemen I thought were guard prospects Dawson and Ira Denson. LTT is huge, but he looks more suited to handling the Strongside rush like Braden, which is fine because our shorter tackles are much more athletic, and better suited to the weakside speed rush right now. Kugler and Hunt had good athletecism and technique and were only overmatched by size it seemed. When they gain that inevitable college weight they can handle anybody. I was excited about Hunt already but now I really want him. Our offensive line is going to be so dominant in the future.


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I think I'd like Lawson for a DE. To the untrained eye, he seems quite good. These are fun to watch but for someone who knows everything they know about football from MGoBlog, I'm not sure what I'm really looking at the entire time.


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These drills do favor the defense, so it's really difficult to gauge dominance one way or the other.  The only thing you can really take away from it is raw athleticism - speed, foot quickness, raw power, etc.

When I evaluated Tuley-Tillman, I said that it looked like he never had a day of quality offensive line coaching in his life.  His high school team went 0-9 this year, and he's getting crushed in this video.  There are some natural talents here, but he's the furthest away from reaching his potential of any of the offensive line commitments, and I would  put Cameron Hunt - who looks good in this video - ahead of him if he commits.

El Bandito

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I could definitely see Poggi coming in and playing as an end on the third down package Mattison likes to run and then after a few years and some extra weight sliding over and taking Black's place in the package at DT.



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LTT looked rough, but we knew he was a project

Kugler looked good considering he isn't going to actually be in situations like that

Dawson looked strong.

Hunt looked pretty dang good.

Poggi is quicker than I thought, but a couple of times he didn't do anything.

Ira Denson looked to easily be the best in those drills.

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Dawson, Hunt, and Denson looked great in the video.  LTT needs some time to develop.  I think once he's on campus and gets some coaching and practices against/with guys like Kalis, Dawson, Kugler, etc.. he'll make great strides.  Plus he burns things with OSU on them, so you gotta love that.


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I agree with Magnus, although this is a pass protection/ defensive line drills. Some of the videos I have seen on LTT he is much better at run blocking as the rest of the big fellas. I would like to see these DTs go again with the Oline guys but in a 'inside run' type drill. There is a large difference from run blocking, and pass protecting drills. Going backwards and waiting for an All-American defender to run at you at full speed with rip and swim moves not easy amigos. Most would look like LTT.