Under Armour Updates: Leon McQuay/Michigan Commit Sightings

Submitted by robbyt003 on December 30th, 2012 at 4:30 PM

Leon McQuay

Not much to go on, but I did find it interesting FSU was the first to admit him as a mid-term student.  Plus looks like he is FOR SURE enrolling early, so we should know by Friday where he's going.  



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If there actually is only three hats my picks would be....FSU, Vandy, and USC.  In no particular order, I really do not see Michigan making his final 3 if it so happens.  I hope I am wrong.


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saying Michigan will have a hat on the table, or informed sources saying Michigan has a good shot at McQuay?  I can buy the former, but every informed source I'm aware of says no to the latter.  


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Odd you ask of Yuri Wright...

He enjoyed a 1-11 season with the Colorado Buffaloes and will be welcoming new head coach Mike MacIntyre (formerly of San Jose State) over the coming months. 

Yuri did contribute this season with 16 tackles...showed some promise.


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Enough of the pessimistic view points on here. We have a very legit shot at this kid. Stop assuming we are always playing second fiddle.

We are Michigan Fergodsakes


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In his recruiting round-up on WTKA he sounded pretty certain McQuay was going elsewhere, despite his practice appearance, but was still high on the Green chances.  (He didn't mention anything about McQuay-related "shady" issues referred to below.)


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Thinking happy thoughts and fluffy clouds won't get McQuay to Ann Arbor any more than they will Treadwell. It may be hard to accept, but there are many kids across the country for whom Michigan isn't the Valhalla of college football.


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I understand there are times where sarcasm is hard to read, but this is not one of those times.

Nobody who knows what sarcasm is should have any trouble at all realizing that his post was entirely sarcastic.


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What does that mean that FSU already has him as a admit for the midterm? Can he be admitted at multiple schools then decide on one? Thanks, sorry for my ignorance on this subject.


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The reason that he will likely not pick Michigan is because we actually may be having a problem getting him an early enrollee spot. I know this sounds dumb, but this was supposedly the issue with Arnett last year too.

Also, I'm not just totally pulling this out of my arse. This was my first thought after reading something Sam Webb put out on Scout, mainly that there was a non-shady something to work out kinda thing that was looking hard to work out, hence making Michigan almost a non-factor if this something working out doesn't get worked out. Only one other poster directly asked Webb if this was along the lines of the problem, yet among several dumb responses he totally ignored to add anything to this question. This seems more than likely then, and likely also eliminates USC as they recently lost a commit to not being able to take another early enrollee (and they only just recently realized this, so this happening to McQuay wouldn't be so hard to believe).

Of course, people like myself wonder why seniors that aren't playing anymore count toward your numbers in some bizarre way around early enrolling time. Well, at least I think this is the case, based on comments made last year as mentioned above. Who knows, but this is a VERY likely reason, and Webb said this same reason may have eliminated other schools...


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Does that mean only 3 can participate in spring practice? Would a kid want to EE if there was no spring practice? I guess you could get some coursework out of the way, but I thought spring practice was the draw. Also, do the backdated scholies count against eligibility? Is it effectively burning a redshirt? Sorry, just ignorant of this aspect of recruiting.


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Once they're enrolled they can participate in spring practice, etc. The issue is that you can only have 25 recruits in a given class, but if you didn't use all 25 in the last class, you can "backdate" up to 3 of your early enrollees to count toward the previous class.