Under Armour AA Game Draft

Submitted by Hold This L on November 8th, 2018 at 5:19 PM

This year for the UA All American game, they did a draft format as opposed to previous years based on the players’ geographic location. First overall Pick was an OL commit to Tennessee, but second overall....


Congrats to one of the members of the 2019 class, setting up to be one of the best this school has had. 



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I think the captain for Zach's team (Kayvon Thibodeaux) happens to also be his HS teammate. Still pretty impressive that his peers think of him this highly.




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I don't know if Zach will be a 30 carry a game back his freshman year, nor am I willing to rule out a Turner jump, but I'm really confident Charbonnet is going to be in the main rotation along with Evans his freshman year. His tape is my favorite from a Michigan running back commit since Fitzgerald Toussaint

Gentleman Squirrels

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I don't think Michigan wants a 30 carry a game kind of back right now. Harbaugh has clearly expressed his preference for a RB by committee approach with a RB1 taking 60-70% of snaps and RB2 taking the rest. 

That being said, Charbonnet definitely has the skill set to be a RB1 at Michigan. I don't see Evans being a RB1, so he should play a role as a change of pace/pass-catching type of back next year. Turner/Charbonnet should battle it out as the main backs, with a possibility of Samuels doing some damage. It's unlikely, but Haskins could bulk up and play a factor in there too. He's another big back that needed more time in the weight room to get more upper body strength. With Ben Herbert and a year in the system, I'm sure he'll be more than ready physically.


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I believe your assessment is quite astute. But I will take Charbonnet and 25 carries a game any day of the week and twice on Sunday. This kid's talent jumps off the screen and will translate upwards..so much so that I believe this is why Gray is not sure about coming-he should come too though.

Otherwise, that OL Tennessee kid is Trente Jones' teammate...and surely Michigan is trying to flip him...and get Ike or Keegan as well. Now that would be an AL level OL class!!!


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Actually, Harbaugh repeatedly said early on that he prefers to have an every down, workhorse RB. It's just that we haven't really had that, or our offense wasn't really suited to that until now. I think if Charbonnet is as good as advertised, and the rest of the offense keeps improving, we'll see what Harbaugh really wants to do. I don't think that will be RB by committee. But, that's just, like, my opinion, man. 

Gentleman Squirrels

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Not particularly. I only care if his information is solid. And mostly it has been. I wasn't a huge fan of his emo/bashing everything Michigan phase in the beginning of the season, but he's a fan and he has a right to be mad about Michigan as much as the rest of us. And even then his information has been good. 

Also the point of us having usernames is so that we don't have to put our real names out here. I mean I don't want people knowing i'm actually Putin.

Napkin Flavoring

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And to answer your question: if it was confirmed by him that he is Adam Biggers it would explain why his "insider" information is wrong so much, as Adam Biggers is only a reporter, and not an insider. I know he tries to give the impression he is an insider. But he is not. How many times has he said, "Let's wait and see"? Or, "There's information coming out soon about this or that"? While never saying what it is. He reads stuff from other guys, and repeats it here, without the full knowledge of those he reads or talk to, know. He even copies and pastes things of other people.


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umbig11 is an alumnus, a booster, and about 100x more articulate via writing than Adam Biggers. I also think he’s a lot older than Adam. He said his daughter was in a very serious accident in the off-season, she is already of college age. Isn’t Adam biggers way too young to have a daughter that old? I don’t think he has a daughter at all.

What the fuck is wrong with you and why in the world are you so obsessed with this topic?


Napkin Flavoring

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He did answer me. But he didn't answer what I asked. He talked about music on the sidelines near the end of the Penn St game. He was talking about what the team was doing near the end of the game. I replied, asking him if he was Adam Biggers. He then replied what they songs wer eon the sidelines.

That's all. It was an odd answer.

If he is not Adam Biggers, I do apologize. 


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To add to this one of the posters on this board said he met him in real life and his history was interesting. I haven't heard of Biggers until now and looking him up... I'm going to say his life has not been that interesting thus far (maybe a bad assumption but I'm fine with it).