UMSolar - WSC - Day 1

Submitted by Bronco648 on October 6th, 2013 at 10:34 AM

The World Solar Challenge is underway and after Day 1, UMSolar's Generation sits in fifth. The current leader is Nuna7 (Team Nuon) from the Netherlands. They have about a thirty kilometer lead on RED (Team Twente - Dutch) and Tokai Challenger (Tokai University - Japan). From the US, Stanford is up next, follwed by Generation.

Based on the video I saw (and I'll try to embed), there was a lot of traffic on the Stuart Highway due to construction. A lot of passing occurred because of this. Traffic should settle down as the cars get further into the outback. This will make it easier for the cars to run based on their strategy plan.

There are three classes this year; Challenger, Cruiser & Adventure

  • Challenger class: 4 wheels, fastest cars (Generation competes here)
  • Cruiser class: cars that look more like normal cars. Can cary at least 2 or more people. Should be road legal in country of origin.
  • Adventure class: older class cars from previous WSC most of them have 3 wheels

Here's a LINK for further information on the three classes.

Sunday looks to be Hot (40º C) with plenty of sun to keep everyone moving/charging.

Because of the time difference (the cars rolled off during the 4th quarter of yesterday's game), it should be pretty easy to keep you aprised of the action (at least for me =)).

The WSC was kind enough to provide a map to keep track of the cars (LINK). I understand that Stanford's tracker is not currently working. And, many times cars will stop and camp along side each other. This "stacks" their GPS trackers which may make them look like they've disappeared.

Go Blue!



October 7th, 2013 at 12:45 PM ^

Generation has a shot at winning, yes. But, it's going to be tough. Both Dutch teams (Nuon & Twente) are professional teams. Tokai University has major backing from Panasonic. This is not the American Solar Challenege. Stanford, winner of the DARPA Challenge, will be strong, too.