UM/MSU series question

Submitted by funkywolve on October 5th, 2010 at 11:19 PM

Does anyone know when was the last time both of these teams were undefeated and playing in Ann Arbor?

I want to say '99 was the last time both were undefeated but that was in East Lansing.



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that the teams played and were both undefeated, ever, in the entire series, was in 1999.

It's never happened in Ann Arbor before.

[mod edit: MSU is 5-1-1 is the correct answer]

Big Boutros

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I can't find a game in which both teams were undefeated in Ann Arbor. The last time MSU came to Ann Arbor undefeated was October 12, 1968. MSU was 3-0, Michigan was 2-1. Michigan won 28-14 and finished 8-2 in Bump Elliot's last season; Michigan State finished 5-5 under Duffy Daugherty.


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i believe i read that in 61 both teams were undefeated and msu beat michigan in ann arbor but i could be wrong

edit: i looked it up and it looks like both teams were 2-0 and msu won 28-0 in ann arbor taking over #1 in the country after the game


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going through 57 was in ann arbor where both teams were undefeated too. we lost that one as well.. and looks like 58 as well but in east lansing. apparently our record isn't all that impressive when um and sparty meet undefeated. i think 97 might be our only win in like 8 or 9 attempts


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They weren't unbeaten in '97.  They lost to Northwestern the week before. 

In the '50s and '60s, MSU was usually our first Big Ten opponent of the year, so it's not surprising that both teams were often undefeated.  We were mediocre for most of that time, so it's also not surprising they won most of those. 


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That Sparty loss to Northwestern still cracks me up.  They attempted a chip shot field goal to win it with just a few seconds left and the Wildcats blocked it to win 19-17.  Garry Barnett - who coached Northwestern at the time - later said that he could tell all the MSU players certainly weren't focusing on us.  It was obvious they were thinking about their meeting with Michigan the following week and it worked to their downfall.  Not even the GOD of college coaches, Nick Saban, could keep the Sparty players focused.

My dad and I were driving home from Kalamazoo that day after visiting my sister.  We were extremely happy because UM had that crazy comeback win to beat Iowa earlier that day to remain undefeated.  On our way home, we listened to the MSU game on the radio and the Sparty announcers were so giddy just before the last FG attempt talking about how MSU was going to go on and challenge for the Big Ten title, go to the Rose Bowl, yadda, yadda, yadda.  Then the FG was blocked and they were so crushed, they could barely speak.

Lloyd Carr later said he really wished both teams were undefeated going in to the big game but one of my favorite memories with my dad is he and I driving down I-94 cheering over the Sparty choke job. 

South Lyon Sparty

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...was on September 1, 2007, the start of the Dantonio era at Michigan State.  Fresh off a 55-to-18 win over UAB on a beautiful sunny afternoon, out in the parking lot was the end of the UM-Appalachian State game.  Good times.

Followed closely by postgame on November 3rd, 2007... where the curse was born. 

Game on.


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that Sparty has come into the game in A2 ranked ahead of Michigan in the polls.

Not only that, it's the first time since 1968 that they've been ranked at all in the polls coming into the game in A2. That's an impressive stretch run of mediocrity and incompetence.