UMHoops: Top 25 players in the B1G

Submitted by lakeside on August 27th, 2013 at 1:17 PM

UMHoops is doing a run down of the top 25 men's basketball players in the B1G. They started with 21-25 with Zak Irvin appearing at 22.


In my opion UMHoops has been killing it with their content lately and I'm surprised I haven't seen more reference to it on the board - football season disclaimers accounted for. See their 5 part interview with Josh Bartelstein (2012/2013 senior captain) for some nice insider perspectives on the team's season. If you've only time for one, I highly recommend the segment focusing on Mitch McGary. Here's the first:


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I think most people that frequent this site probably frequent that site as well which is probably why you don't see much posted about it here.


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that this list (and last year's equivalent) is a collaboration between UMHoops and InsideTheHall (Indiana B-Ball blog).  No need to divert traffic there necessarily.  But they do a comparable job to UMHoops for Indiana Basketball.  So this list should be relatively less biased than a Michigan only blog.


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If anyone is interested in how Wolverines fared last year on the same list:

2) Trey Burke

9) Tim Hardaway, Jr.

21) Glenn Robinson III

25) Mitch McGary

I think that's everyone - working off my old notes here. 


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Excited about Irvin this year.

As others have noted, most people here check out UMHoops as well (I do), so I usually don't usually see the need for cross-pollination.