UMHoops & Inside The Hall: Top 25 B1G BBall Players

Submitted by Michigan4Life on August 28th, 2012 at 6:01 PM

UMHoops and Inside the Hall have put out comprehensive list of top 25 B1G players.  I think that it's a pretty fair assessment of their evaluations.  No bias at all IMO.  Michigan has 4 players in top 25 and Indiana has 4 players as well.  Both teams are expected to be a national championship contender based on the current roster and the strength of incoming freshmen.

MSU is in the mix but that depends largely on Appling's play at PG and Brenden Dawson's impact from injury.  OSU should be in the mix despite losing Buford and Sullinger, and have Aaron Craft defending PG and Thomas becoming the #1 option.

Top 25:








August 28th, 2012 at 6:42 PM ^

Not really. There were only 3 by my count (a quick one, so I could be wrong) and Dekker, Ferrell, and Harris are all highly rated as well. Don't really see a problem with it as GRobIII is still a little bit more raw compared to Yogi and Harris (haven't watched a ton of film on Dekker). I think you can make the argument for GRob over them, but I understand the argument against him as well.


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I just went over to that IU forum that UMHoops teamed up with to do this.  My gosh, they all had an aneurysm that Jordy Hulls wasn't in the top 25.  They flipped out over a completely subjective list.