UMBIG11 on 247: "Gary news continues to flow in a positive direction"

Submitted by Wolverheel on October 18th, 2018 at 2:22 PM

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I won't post screenshots because I don't know if that's allowed, but he says it's trending in a good direction. He agrees with another user, "BigShooter1", who supposedly has a good source saying that Gary has been practicing this week and is "going hard." He expects Gary to play, but it didn't specify whether this means he will play against MSU or just "he will play at some point this season."



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The UMBig11 hate lately is ludicrous--the guy has posted tons of updates on the board the last few years, the majority of them accurate and unknown before he posted, like for example that Speight won the QB battle, and more. It's mystifying, the blowback recently--we should be encouraging this guy, not running him off


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I was actually wondering this morning how higher ups in the football program feel about their fellow employees moonlighting as “insiders” for various football pay sites. I’m other words if UM Big11 has legitimate access to the program wouldn’t they tell him to quit disclosing information to the public for money or status?


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This has struck me as interesting as well, considering he's mentioned that he has some kind of exclusive deal with Rivals during the season.  It could just be a screen name for a writer that wants to post things anonymously, or it could be that he doesn't really have that much access or only has second or third hand info. 


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That is a pretty liberal definition of "hate".  All I did is note that UMBig11's "insider information" tidbits he gave yesterday and today are completely contradictory.

I also don't like speculative "insider info" that could be construed by some as negative towards a player unless it's 100% true.  For example, back when UMBig11 and another insider starting posting information before the 2016 season, there was a rumor started by one of them that Jabrill Peppers and possibly other DBs had been suspended for a half, a quarter, or a whole game against Hawaii.  It was completely untrue, but it got back to Jabrill and he felt compelled to dismiss the rumor himself on Twitter.


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I honestly don't care about insider info either way, but when you (a) try to leverage it and (b) call out kids/program when something negative happens (in this case losing to ND) it does dim one's perception of the person.  Also, he's just been wrong the past couple of times he's posted, and so if you are going to bathe in the internet jacuzzi "insider info" gets you, you have to be able to handle the times when you're wrong and people rightly point it out.


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Hijacking this comment for a link to the screenshots (let us edit main posts). I figure since the posters are not being paid by 247 it should be fine, but mods obviously delete this comment if it crosses a line. Looks like it was another guy who said Gary was "going hard" rather than umbig11, but y'all get the point. 



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Second week in a row as well he's said someone is "out" then changed his mind, although this one is much worse as you could easily interpret his comments yesterday as "Gary is healthy enough to play but doesn't want to."

I posted about this back before ND, most hardcore fans CANNOT HANDLE INSIDER INFORMATION ABOUT INJURIES.  This is one of the reasons why Sam Webb never discusses every little bump and bruise and who sat out a practice - people would completely lose their shit every day during the season.  The other reason is that putting stuff like this out there gives a competitive advantage, no matter how small, to our opponents.  And for what?  What is really gained here?  All I saw was a bunch of people turning on Gary and saying a lot of bad things about him in the last thread based off of this speculation.  Injury speculation like this is bad, and umbig11 should feel bad.


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This seems like good news, but I thought he was leaving the team and prepping for the NFL?  Ugh, rumors.  Those should be left to Fleetwood Mac...