UMass on Direct TV?

Submitted by Ellerbe is Yoda on September 13th, 2010 at 10:04 AM

I know there was a post on UMASS TV coverage earlier but I don't think anyone has covered this. I live in Iowa so I am not in the area that has the Michigan game on the primary channel. On my Direct TV, I have 4 BTN channels: the main channel (610) and 3 alternates (611, 612, 615).

According to BTN website, there are 4 games on at the same time Saturday: OSU/Ohio, Illinois/Northern Illinois, Purdue/Ball State, and UM/UMASS. My guide currently shows OSU/Ohio on 610, Purdue/Ball State on 612, and Northern Illinois/Illinois on 615. It shows "to be announced" on 611. Am I safe to assume the Michigan game will be on 611? Seems obvious but weird that it's not showing up on the guide!

This is my first year with Direct TV, any help would be appreciated.



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My RCN (in Chicago) has 3 BTN channels, the primary (which will have Ohio-OSU) and the two other channels will have UM and the other Big 10 Noon game.  Comcast, two years ago, only had the primary channel and not the other two.  I assume that has changed since.

I believe Direct TV has multiple BTN channels too.


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My DirecTV guide says the same thing that yours does, but I have had them for over 10 years now and as long as the Big10 Network has been around they have always had the Michigan games on. I think it is safe to assume that 611 will be playing Michigan. I lived in Colorado for the last 8 years and never once missed a Michigan game with direcTV


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I concur with the last comments, that Direct TV will have the game.  How cool is the BTN and Direct TV though.  Last week I watched football for 14 hours on Direct TV.  VS has games Foxsports, CBSSports, ESPNs, BTN.  In 3 years now of having the BTN I've never once missed a Michigan game as I watch from AZ, and never had to buy a game to watch it.  With so many games on free and the BTN I don't know why anyone would buy the College package.  If your a fan all the games are on.  Just one of the great blessings of being a Big Ten fan. 

And they  said it never would work...  Think of how many games we'll have when the Pac-12 and SEC networks go live.


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This is a timely thread, because I'm switching from DirecTV to U-Verse on Thursday.

U-Verse subscribers:

Does U-Verse carry all of the BTN alternate channels, too?


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I believe they do but I've only ever seen 2 games on at one time. There are 10 AltHD spots on the guide but as of right now none of them have anything scheduled. I live in OH so obviously the Ohio tUOS game is on the main station. Usually if there are multiples the MI game is on the alternate because they are a bigger draw in this area. I did notice there were 2 alternate stations showing footbal games last Sat but only one of them was a Big Ten game so Idk what the other AltHD statons are used for.



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Cablevision (in CT) -- they have one HD channel and two SD channels, one of which is the same as the HD channel. Since it is against UMass, I'll probably get this week's game, but I'm worried about Bowling Green -- I remember getting bumped last year for a Penn State game at some point...

I don't know why they don't carry the other two BTN overflow channels -- bandwidth, I guess.