UMass Depth Chart

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It is never too early to start looking at the next week's matchup. Yes - UMass is FCS, but well - you know with THE HORROR and everything...

I extracted the UMass depth chart from the game notes file of UMass Holy Cross game. The single page PDF can be accessed from the following link:…

One thing jumps out is that their defense is somewhat undersized with a pair of DEs at 240 and 245 lb - one of them a RFr. They have another new starter RFr at a DT spot. The LBs are 215, 220 and 215 lbs for the SLB, MLB and WLB spots respectively.

The O-Line is quite huge - from the left side - 330, 305, 290, 305 and 305 lbs. The right side is young with a RSo and RFr.

Overall - the team seems veteran on O and young on D. 



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They run the spread and have a senior quarterback that is not bad at all.  We have to do more then show up for this one.  We just gotta stay focused and hungry and we will be fine.  They're no Baby Seal U, but they're certainly no ND or UConn either.

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Chill out people.  Our OL is going to push those lil fellas all over the place.  Our RBs will have a field day.  Our D is too athletic.  Even if they hang around a couple quarters they don't have the horses.

It will be a blowout.

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Any recruiting fans out there want to figure out if there are any D1-A castoffs on the team.  I didn't see Willie Williams, but I don't pay too much attention to recruiting.


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Why are we nervous about UMass?  Do we have to be nervous about every game?  Do we have to think every game spells DOOM?  Just because the 2007 version of the Michigan Wolverines came out flat against App State, doesn't mean they are going to do the same thing in 2010.  I'm not predicting anything but having a knot in your stomach over every game especially against UMass isn't good for your health. 

Enjoy the 2-0 record right now.  Our QB has been completely magical so far.  Let's relish this and get ready to watch the Wolverines come out and play a well prepared game.


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I found it funny that fans tell other fans not to overlook anybody when in reality they really don't have any effect on the team's play on the field.  I can overlook whatever I want to and that doesn't affect the team in any ways.  I'm looking forward to MSU game already and yes I'm expecting 5-0 before the game.


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it would seem that UMass has a decent passing game.  I believe their spread attack is more pass oriented than running.  No matter what, our secondary needs to improve.  We gave up over 500 yards of offense again.

I'm not concerned about losing to UMass, but coming out flat and not dominating them early and throughout is a concern.  It should be a good chance to rest Denard for much of the game and get Tate and the RBs some work.


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UMASS has played well so far this year.  They beat the #4 team in DIV AA and pounded their instate rival.  However, that's a bit different from playing against our offense in the Big House.  Their D coordinator must be sleepless right now trying to figure out how to contain Denard.


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35-0 by the middle of the second quarter.

Devin Gardner plays a lot of the game.

Odoms scores twice.

Shoelace misses player of the week for the 3rd week in a row because they pull him and give him rest.

Tate sees the field.

Our defensive line gets 5 sacks.

Offensive line has more pancakes than Denny's.


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UMass shouldn't be a tough game and we don't need any Michigan Hating... to occur.

I'd like to see Tate play several series so we can all see what the state of his game is right now.  Gardner will be terrific, but in tough games, like MSU, PSU, Iowa, Wisko and osu we will probably need Tate at some point.  His experience and ability to make plays out of little or nothing could be very valuable.


September 12th, 2010 at 11:42 PM ^ that they somehow keep it close and we get to watch Denard slice and dice them for 4 quarters instead of one...... bummer.

(I'd prefer he get two weeks of rest before the Big Ten schedule arrives)


September 13th, 2010 at 9:55 AM ^

predicting Tate to get some PT this week. How do you know his punishment is over? We still don't know exactly what happened. All we have is rumors about reefer and the summer... Did he show up at practice buzzed? Did he fail a test? Who knows, but all I've seen so far is that Devin Gardner is the #2 QB at this time. If Tate sits the bench this whole year he could redshirt, and then he would have a chance to start after Shoelace graduates. That could be a crazy option, but it is a possibility. We simply don't know what he did, and what it will take for him to gain the confidence of his coaches again. All we know is that DG's redshirt is burned already and Tate's isn't. See you in the Big House this Saturday for Denard part 3, the massacre of seals...


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It is a reflection of where we have been over the past two years that anyone can be worried about UMass at home.  Not to worry, this is a blowout.