UM winning out pretty much sends MSU to the Rose Bowl

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I'm sure both fanbases would take it but it's still a weird/unfortunate scenario.



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McGloin did very well in the first half against OSU.  I think they said that he threw the first (and second) touchdown passes that Penn State has scored in Columbus during Joe Pa's time there.  I believe they also said that, prior to McGloin scoring 2 TDs, a Joe Pa coached Penn State had never scored 2 TDs in Columbus.


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strange but true:

McGloin, who finished 15 of 30 for 159 yards with the two interceptions, hit Justin Brown on a 23-yard score and Moye on a 6-yarder. They were the first touchdown passes Penn State had thrown in Ohio Stadium since joining the Big Ten in 1993, and gave the Lions the most points they've scored there in that span.


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on ATH (around the horn) TR would have taken away several points and muted you for not doing your homework and then saying something untrue.  i would say PSU might have thrown a TD pass, however a JoePa coached PSU team had not!  i am also fairly certain that while i was watching gameday that herby even predicted that McGloin would throw two.  (Probably because he was trying to jump on his bandwagon after blasting him on gameday when he started against us)!  Go Blue beat wiscy!

Edit: this was in response to bwgrudt...


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he had some good throws in the first half but I will say that unless they can exploit down field routes early against MSU, he will have a tough time.  OSU played soft zone C3 in the first half trying not avoid big gains.  After he exclusively went underneath, I think the move to C2 in the second half was just saying "OK, you are going to have to throw it past the CBs in zone, not underneath" which he couldn't.  I'm not saying he can't but those plays have to be called first which I don't know that the PSU staff has enough confidence in him to do (especially now). 

oriental andrew

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Wow, you're spot on about the once in a generation thing.  A generation is generally accepted to be about 22-25 years and michigan state last went to the Rose Bowl in Jan 1998 - almost 23 years ago.  The last time before that was Jan 1966 - another 22 years.  

Frank Drebin

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I agree. I could care less what happens to State at this point. We had our chance to take care of business against them and we didn't. If we help them, so be it, but it helps UM more if we win our last 2 games. If UM finishes with a 9-3 record, I could care less where MSU is heading for their bowl. 9-3 means we keep RichRod and build off of a great season going into next year. It also will greatly help with closing out recruiting season and build towards the future.

oriental andrew

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I could care less what happens to State 

You could care less?  How much less could you care?  I'm guessing a lot.  Oh, you meant that you COULDN'T care less!!!


(Sorry, had to do it...  What would that make me?  The idiom nazi?)

gpsimms not to…

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then we should lose the rest of our games

/Dantonio, if he were in our position, and MSU winning out sent us to the rosebowl.  I suppose if it needs this much explaining, then it's no good.


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If UM wins out, MSU loses out, Iowa Beats Ohio State but then loses to Minnesota and Wisconsin loses to Northwestern, Michigan would tie for the conference title and would probably have the highest BCS average and goto the Rose Bowl.


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when i find out my student loans have been paid in full by a mystery benefactor, Denard drops a bakers dozen x1000 all-purpose on Wisconsin and OSU each, i am hired to the role of assistant athletic director and my wife lets me win an argument... cuz then i would go to the Rose Bowl too


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...but every Sparty fan I know will root against UM in every circumstance, regardless of how it affects MSU.

Which begs the existential question: if Sparty fans are more concerned about the Wolverines' fortunes than MSU's, does that make them Michigan fans?