UM at the US Open updates: Hicks, Mueller, Wilkes-Krier

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on June 17th, 2016 at 9:02 AM

After a soggy opening day that saw many rounds either postponed or unplayed altogether, UM alum Justin Hicks is in line to make the cut, sitting at +3 and tied for 45th. Rising UM junior Kyle Mueller is at +7 through 14 holes. And Patrick Wilkes-Krier, Huron High grad and son of UM Law professor James Krier, is at +7 through 15.

Hopefully the course plays slower this morning after the rain and Mueller and Wilkes-Krier can make a bit of a run.



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Among everyone on this board, it is extremely appropriate that Carl Spackler makes this comment in this thread, for the man is undeniably qualified when it comes to assessing the state of greens as well as discussing rodent control and its effect on the state of greens. Actually, wait, why is he here on MGoBlog when he should be out there killing the golfers...errr....gophers?


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Did anyone see one Jordan Spieth's approaches yesterday? He hit it 3 feet past the hole, but it backed up and kept backing up until it was off the green and in the bunker.  Brutal greens.


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The USGA basically tells the best players in the world "Fuck you" with their grossly penal setups.  They should follow the lead of the Open Championship and let the great courses they play defend themselves.  It's like the people who run the USGA take it as a personal insult if some of the best golfers in the world break par.

I watch it because it is a major and because it is golf, but I really detest the USGA and their penchant for turning great courses into jokes that aren't the least bit funny.


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is correct.  Oakmont is an awesome course (so I've heard though I have never played) and so are all the US Open sites.  But the USGA goes in there and screws with the course to make it unplayable and barely fun to watch.  I want to see the best golfers in the world play like it . . . not have the course make them look like the duffers out at my home course.


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Normally I'd agree, but with Oakmont the USGA does not do that much to the course. The only real changes to the way Oakmont sets up for member play is slightly longer rough (remember they cut it after players complained in practice rounds too) and shaving some banks leading into bunkers.

Besides practically killing Chambers Bay last year, I'm usually a fan of US Open setups - let the players shoot -20 every other week. They can deal with a very penal course once a year.