UM Solar - ASC - Day 2

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Day 2 is in the record books and while the result remains the same:

Checkpoint Arrival Times at Mansfield, OH

  1. Michigan 2:20pm
  2. Minnesota 4:01pm
  3. Principia 4:38pm
  4. CalSol 4:47pm

However, the route took some twists and turns:

Ethan Lardner:

Michigan got penalized 5 minutes for a non-affiliated "media" car "obstructing" traffic near Iowa State how are people supposed to watch the race?

Steven Hechtman confirms:

First stage times are up. Michigan leads Iowa by 9 minutes after receiving 5 minutes in penalties. Minnesota is 10 minutes behind Iowa (State).

The weather in Ohio The Worst State Ever was not cooperating:

UM Solar

Racing in the rain. Here's where the Weather and Strategy teams earn their stripes. Weather will keep Strategy apprised of the current and approaching weather conditions. Strategy will determine how much electricity is in the batteries, how much electricity the solar cells are producing and how much electricity the motor is using. They adjust Quantum's speed accordingly so the car has the ability to continue on to the end of day control stop. It's tricky, involves lots of calculations and sometimes some luck. It's no secret these guys are good and the results speak for themselves.

UM Solar


Ethan Lardner:

Rumor has it Iowa state blew suspension in a curb and was pulled over for an hour and MIT spun out and hit a sign pole and will be trailering to Ann Arbor. Not sure if they will be making an attempt at repairs.

Steven Hechtman confirms:

Noticed on the live chat that Iowa State tracker was stationary for nearly an hour turning onto 11 near Ashtabula, OH. The explanation: @Team_PrISUm: Took a turn too wide on the interstate on ramp and hit a curb. This snapped the lower A-Arm which was replaced in under an hour.

What a shame for both Iowa State and MIT.

Quantum approaching Mansfield Ohio, in the sunshine, and the end of Day 2:

UM Solar

Charging batteries in Mansfield.

UM Solar

Video courtesy of Furqan Nazeeri


Please take NOTE:

From The University of Michigan Solar Car Team:

There have been some questions about the penalty we received yesterday. The penalty was a result of a Michigan fan that drove to close to one of the solar car caravans and therefore impeded traffic. Please do not follow solar car caravans with your cars, because it may result in a penalty for our team and it is not safe. If you are interested in taking photos of the solar car, please park and watch the cars as they go by. This is especially important as we will be coming into Ann Arbor tomorrow and there will likely be lots of traffic and fans. We hope to see you in Ann Arbor. Go Blue!




July 16th, 2012 at 12:49 AM ^

In Solar Car racing bad weather acts like a sieve. The field is stretched out, the gap between teams widens, and the difference in the ability of the cars and race strategy really starts to show. 

Looking at the results from today, teams had the following average speeds for the leg from Erie, PA to Mansfield, OH:


Michigan: 40mph

Minnesota: 30mph

Principia: 28mph

UC Berkeley: 27mph



July 16th, 2012 at 8:21 AM ^

I live near Hastings, MI and am looking forward to cheering the team as they go through tomorrow.

However their projected route takes them through some nasty construction (the kind were the teams could get damaged perhaps)

I'm a little worried about the teams, but I'm assuming they know?

Go Blue!

Feat of Clay

July 16th, 2012 at 8:35 AM ^

That penalty sucks hard. That said, you gotta admit there is something kind of nerdcore-cool about a Michigan solar car racing fan committing a violation.