UM Softball Recruiting Scam Alert

Submitted by RoseInBlue on July 18th, 2018 at 11:28 AM

Apparently, some loser is trying to scam HS softball recruits by pretending to be associated with the Michigan softball program.  This guy is introducing himself as Joseph Rodriguez and claiming to be recruiting for Michigan.  If anyone has any connection to a softball recruit, just be warned.




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RE: pathetic scams

I saw a story on the news this morning about a scammer who is sending letters to men claiming they have proof of the man’s infidelity. For $15,500, the scammer will destroy the evidence. That’s just such a weirdly specific blackmail amount.


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So, I’m in attendance for my daughter’s softball tournament within the past month and I can’t help but notice a man in Michigan Softball gear, by himself during a couple of her games - mostly acting as a scout and speaking on the phone about players. I’m thinking to myself A.) I don’t recognize this guy ... and B.) Who could he possibly be scouting because I’m not really seeing D1 talent here?

Could this have been the man? Maybe not, but I’m pleased that Coach Hutch put it out there for everyone to be aware. 

The Maizer

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We've been alerted that a person named "Joseph Rodriguez" is representing himself as a member of the Michigan staff to HS prospects. There is no one by that name on our staff. This person has no affiliation w the Michigan softball program or Michigan Athletics. We don't know him.

— Michigan Softball (@umichsoftball) July 16, 2018

El Jeffe

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On the list of top 1,000 get-rich-quick schemes, where does falsely presenting yourself as a recruiter for a college softball team fall?