UM is sending "care packages" to former players

Submitted by massblue on August 6th, 2013 at 8:57 PM

I saw this Instagram from Kenny Demens regarding a set of UM gears and stickers as gifts.  I do not think we are sending it to all former players -- too expensive. It must be going to players from last year.  Nice gesture.



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This is the way all title controversies should be handled.  There really is no reason to get so worked up over the presence or absence of two letters.  If it's wrong, someone fix it and we'll move on.  The title doesn't change the content of the post, and in the case of an informative title with incorrect OT, it doesn't even change your understanding of what's contained in the post.


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There is a Subject bar to every reply on this thread.  Could you guys PLEASE label it META so that I do not have to bother myself with reading the contents of this subthread?  I've got big things I could be doing, if not bogged down by these posts.


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Could a school do something like this but instead send cash? Then the implication is come to our school and we'll pay you... after you're done.


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Wonder if they're just going out to the guys who made NFL squads, given the first line of the letter. It would make sense from a marketing and publicity standpoint - if even one of our grads wears Michigan gear in a presser where he previously wouldn't have, it probably makes it a worthwhile investment by the AD. Plus it's just one more way to keep successful grads in the family, which is always good.


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This is a pretty awesome idea, and as someone mentioned, it is about building and maintaining the Michigan family. So many give so much to the university, but perhaps few if any give more of themselves than the athletes who represent Michigan on the field. 

Prince Lover

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Whenever you get your AD from the business world, more importantly a business that constantly is trying to build a brand image, these types of things will happen. Like they say in the pizza world, their job is to make sure everyone sees the Dominos logo at least once a day, so too they must see the block M everyday.
It is brand marketing with a side of sincerity, nothing more.


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didn't always work for Domino's.  He also worked before that for Valassis inserts, the coupon company.  So, he also tried to help people to save money.  Now he's in the business of raising money at maximizing profits for a well respected athletic department of a major university.

Take a look at the whole picture before judging.  Try to understand the background. 

Lucky Socks

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I'm not sure if you're serious, but if you are...can we stop criticizing Dave Brandon for every move he makes.  It's becoming a Johnny Manziel type obsession for some of our fans.  I think you're reading way too much into this.  He (or more accurately; the athletic department, not just him) is trying to foster relationships with our alumni. 

You don't like him, I get it.  Let's give it a break.


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Prince Lover

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I have actually posted positive things about him before and will again. All I was saying is sending UM gear to people who probably have closets full of the stuff seems like overkill, unless you wanted the stuff passed around or shared with other people.
I've worked for Dominos, I've been to seminars where he was the guest speaker. I've personally heard him stress the importance of the brand and brand image. I was just saying this move sounds like a Dave Brandon move and not a Brady Hoke idea. Perhaps I came across too strong. I did post it while my pot of coffee was brewing. I'll wait to post til after the 1st cup next time.
FWIW, I also know he worked for Valassis. I also know from where Domino's get their national coupons printed as well as from where the majority of domestic franchisees get their coupons printed due to the discounts they receive.
Sorry for the feathers I ruffled. Go Blue!!


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gear from the school they sweated and toiled for our benefit? I think it's a classy move and clearly it helps maintain alumni relations and pursuit of the almighty donation. But it's just good business. 

And it actually reinforces a certain notion that Brandon, as a former player, probably personally appreciates, having the school extend its hand to you and recalling your service in a thoughtful way. 

And when the question of the day is about whether schools benefit from their players on-field achievement, the schools also recognize that its reputation is only strengthened by old school ties. Sending more gear out to the guys is a small price to pay. 

Look at this way, they could always sign it and make money with a few brokers. 

Prince Lover

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Thank you for agreeing with me CharBlue. It is smart business which is all I was saying. I don't know how that means upset. I'm just not all giddy over it. DB is the business guy, not BH.

What it also means is I have 1 more reason to be envious of UM football players. I will never earn a tshirt that says "I played 4 yrs of football at UM and all I got was this lousy t-shirt"

I kid, I kid.
Go Blue fergodsakes!

PS I knew before he took the AD job, DB played for Bo so I'm not cherry picking any story to support my opinion.