UM-PSU Score Predictions

Submitted by FauxMo on November 18th, 2015 at 12:10 PM

I have a bad feeling about this weekend. Three brutal games in the last four weeks (with one snoozer in the middle), a team that is beat up a little (especially on the D-Line), a game away at PSU (where it is always tough to play), and maybe just a touch of looking-ahead to OSU, and this game scares the bejesus out of me. I say the game ends 28-24, and there is a better than 50% chance UM gets the 24, not the 28.

What are your realistic score predictions? Can anyone talk me off the ledge on my pessimism?





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Man, I can't quite remember, but it seems like every week on the front page of MGoBlog there's a similar thread. It's titled something like "Guess the Score Win Stuff".


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Michigan.  Only two BIG games I have been more confident about this season were Maryland and Rutgers.  Indiana scared me a lot more than PSU.  I like Michigan going away.


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People need to calm the f down about the Dline against the run. Indiana was a perfect storm for just having lost our depth. Penn state doesn't run a hurry up or any sort of tempo. And their o line is terrible so I'm really not worried.

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a 27-10 Michigan win. I don't buy into the whole "Michigan has faced three tough math ups in 4 games" or the defense has holes etc. Indiana took the Buckeyes to the brink and were in the red zone with a shot to tie the game on the final play. They did most of this without Jordan Howard for nearly the entire game. If anyone remembers Howard was hurt against Ohio State and was still making plays on a bad ankle. Sudfeld was also out for most of the game and Ohio State struggled to stop a 6 foot 165 lb Xander Diamont from beating them. Indiana has an elite offense.

As for Penn State, they are bland and I am not convinced Franklin is the right guy. Their Oline is as bad as our line from a year ago. Sequin Barkley is a True Fresh who has been banged up this year. The Penn State receivers are not world beaters at all. Far seam Hamilton has only been good against bad competition.

The penn state DLine will force us into throwing the ball to set up the run. I expect alt undock to throw it 30 times and for us to be held under a hundred on the ground, but the run game is effective enough to keep them honest.

Our defense will force a few turnovers creating a short field and our defense will force punts deep in Penn state territory giving our offense a short field.


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I've been nervous about this one for weeks. I keep catching myself checking in on PSU every Saturday and hoping they look terrible.  I'll take a win, any win (paired with an OSU win over MSU), no matter how ugly.  I just want to see this team have the chance to play against OSU in the Big House with something other than pride on the line.  My heart is saying 27-23 Michigan. My head is saying we lose a close one :-(