UM possibly making the switch from Adidas to Nike?

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Here's a Freep article discussing the possibility of Michigan realigning it's brand with that of Nike. Good news for those of us who have been alienated by Adidas's and their past offerings such as the horrid Bumble bee jersey fiasco... I still cringe when I see those things (scratches arms like a crack head).


I don't know how likely this transition is, but I can't help but to wonder whether or not this news will effect Michigan's standing with perennial 5 star bb recruit Jaylen Brown, who recently made a statement that he was definitely going to an Adidas school! I've had a few conversations with JB and happen to know for a fact Michigan is a legitimate front runner for this kid! However this news can't hurt Kentucky's chances who I believe is right there with Michigan.


I don't know how much stock these kids put into any particular athletic brands when making these decisions, although I would imagine that with the potential sponsorship dynamic at play it definitely factors. Who knows, maybe Michigan and the greatness of Beilein will win out!




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As silly as it is, brand definitely plays a role in recruitment, etc. I graduated from a school that is currently transitioning from Nike to Adidas and the athletic department has openly said that they expect it to hurt in recruiting. Especially basketball recruiting.

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If you'd rather not click the freep, here is the Mlive link.  But the tea leaves suggest Michigan will leave Addidas, and I would be completely shocked if they didn't go back to Nike.  


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You can't compare Oregon to Alabama.

Alabama has the history, tradition, titles, the dynasty, Saban, etc,. They don't need help grabbing attention of recruits. Much the same as the other traditional blue-bloods.

Oregon doesn't have ANY of that. The extent of their success is basically limited to the last decade. They lack that tradition and that history. Their uniforms are an important tool in recruiting. Programs like Alabama and Michigan don't need flash to recruit well. Oregon does.


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No, you've missed the point.

Schools like Alabama, to use the original example, have that tradition, history, and are an icon of the sport. They don't have to be trendy and flashy to BE iconic and be in the minds of recruits.

Compare that with an Oregon. Without those flashy uniforms, Oregon doesn't have much to stack against those top programs.

It isn't that the uniforms are the deciding factor in a recruit's mind, but for a school who doesn't have much history to back itself on, the flashy uniforms are what keeps them in the eyes of the recruits. "What will Oregon wear this week," is how they remain relevant in the mind of the top recruits.

Now I agree that Michigan falls into the same category with Alabama. But I wasn't simply giving Alabama the advantage. The uniforms Oregon has is THEIR advantage to get in with the top recruits. Not that having those uniforms is the only way to go about it.

My only qualm within the original argument was comparing Alabama and Oregon (both Nike schools). Those schools couldn't be much more different in that aspect.

To sum it up, flashy uniforms isn't the top thing in a recruits mind. But it is a factor. It's something kids pay attention to. If you're not a Michigan, Alabama, Notre Dame, etc,. That is a way to stay in a recruits mind.


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This is MGoBlog, not GoDucksBlog. 

As you stated, an Alabama doesn't need crazy uniformz to recruit, while an Oregon may. 

After your statement, the only question that remains is whether Michigan is more of an Alabama, or more of an Oregon. 

I think Michigan is more on the Alabama end of the spectrum (football tradition, etc.).  So flashy uniforms, while perhaps relevant to an Oregon, are irrelevant here. 



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Are the alternatives the result or Adidas or Dave Brandon?  The AD has to approve of anything Michigan wears.  It isn't like the day of the game they open a box and have jerseys that nobody at Michigan had ever seen before.


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I believe this would be an even bigger recruiting coup as we were in on Jaylen very late in the process and he has risen up the rankings his senior year while McGary fell a bit during his.

But I get your point! 


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Of course I want him, but what I was trying to convey, albeit poorly, was that in the scheme of things, moving to Nike opens more doors than JB case, the likelyhood he comes here isn't guaranteed by any means


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Everyone does understand that nothing made it onto the field/court that was not approved by UM first..  right?   The Ugly shit is not an adidas issue it was a UM marketing BS issue. 


Can't wait for our first fugly ass pro combat unis.  Yeah, and we won't even make nike break the bank to do it. 





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Nobody realizes that.  I've said all along that the uniformz issue is more Dave Brandon than Adidas.  Sure Adidas designers came up with those uniform designs but Dave Brandon had the final say on what we wore.


With the right AD the apparel company we are under contract with doesn't matter.  Hopefully Hacket comes to his senses before July 31st and locks in another 5 years of the current Adidas deal because if he doesn't we stand to lose a significant amount of money.


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So, you say that rumors of Michigan switching to Nike will hurt them with Jaylen Brown (totally plausible).  But then you say it will help Kentucky (the second option) which is...a Nike school.  If he's "definitely going to an Adidas school" then he's definitely not going to Kentucky.  

Maybe that statement was premature and he actually will go to a Nike school, but your reasoning is internally inconsistent, and makes me doubt that you actually talked to him (or Beilein--not sure which one you meant with "JB").


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The fact that Jaylen Brown said that he is going to an Adidas school does not mean much for us. He will most likely go to Kansas, if not Kansas, then UCLA.


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Just exactly how has the fanbase been alienated?  My Michigan t-shirt is still blue, it still says "M-i-c-h-i-g-a-n", and in maize (mostly) letters.

It's has 3 stripes instead of a swoosh.  Meh.

Neg for the freep link.


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I think it was UMHoops that said Brown's comments about going to an Adidas school are a couple months old and are being recycled by ESPN. It could still be true but knowing this, his comments don't mean as much to me.


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Under Armour:


The clothing company might matter for some crooked recruiting infrastructure, but each major company can (and does) make offensively ugly garbage.  It's up to the school to make sure it maintains control over the final product.  Gotta just trust Hackett on this one.


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...that we'll actually land a deal with Under Armor and not Nike.  The only signal from the AD is that we may drop Adidas once the deal expires...I don't think there's been anything to suggest that the replacement will be Nike though.


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At this point, it is probably safe to say that we know that we know nothing about what will happen next. I believe we're saddled with Adidas for another season, perhaps two (I forget precisely), but after that anything is definitely possible. As noted in other threads, there is a survey being given to the current population of student-athletes at Michigan, so I am very curious to know what their input is - there have been anecdotal stories here about complaints regarding Adidas gear, so I wonder if there's enough traction from that alone. 


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After the spring game Hackett is going to Portland with his team to visit with Nike and Adidas.  I imagine that he'll make his decision then.  The only question is how much less money will he be willing to take to make the switch to Nike.  If Nike doesn't offer enough money (Nike's max deal in 2013-2014 was 4.4M to FSU) then I'll be we resign with Adidas.  I don't know how low Hackett is willing to go to get Nike though.