UM Fan from Sydney

April 26th, 2016 at 11:14 AM ^

"I got this, and this, and this, and that, and these, and those......and all of these, too!" <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo> <photo>

Wolverine Devotee

April 26th, 2016 at 10:22 AM ^

That's what someone told me. No clue if it's true.

Nonetheless, I'm gonna be there when MDen opens. First in line. The receipt for this order could set a record for the most in one order at MDen. Instead of doing it over time, I'm planning to do a wholesale line change in one trip so I can have everything before the season starts. Jerseys alone will be upwards of $700.

I just wish they'd show us the designs.

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Snake Eyes

April 26th, 2016 at 11:36 AM ^

I'm normally the last guy to tell someone how to spend their money, but I thought I'd take the opportunity to give WD my two cents on his apparel fetish.


I know Michigan apparel is very important to you. You work and save your money to buy these things.  However, it does not seem to me that you have oodles of spending cash available where buying up everything coming out wouldn't hurt your pocketbook.

Rather than spending so much on whatever Nike/Jumpman rolls out, why not save that and go on a trip to see the team in their bowl game (or somewhere else not M related, but let's take baby steps here)?  Maybe pay for a sibling, parent, or significant other to go with you.  Life experiences are infinitely more valuable than the random shit we accumulate over time.

Nobody will look down on you for wearing the Adidas brand Michigan jersey you already own (well assholes will, but who wants to impress assholes?).  

Those $700 dollar jerseys will still be for sale three years from now.  The joy you'd experience when you are in the stadium to see Jabrill Peppers force a Christian McCaffrey fumble to seal a Fiesta Bowl win won't.