UM-MSU Snowflakes Thread

Submitted by kb on February 12th, 2013 at 10:33 PM

It is probably not too early to start this up.  I love the team and the success they have had this year so far, but in order to go far in the tournament they've got to step it up.

The lack of physicality on this team is a noticeable issue - they have gotten eaten up inside by teams with a halfway decent big man.

Trey Burke is the only one who can create offense for others.  No other players can penetrate to the hole with regularity.  You slow Burke down and Michigan suffers. 

You're not going to get very far on jump shots alone.  Take it to the hole.

EDIT: The defense is average at best.  Get in front of someone and cut off drives to the hoop...PLEASE.

Enough said.



February 13th, 2013 at 9:05 AM ^

tipoff last night and I'm still in shock. That was one of the most embarrassing games in 20 years for UM simply because there was zero effort or fight by us.

I couldn't care less that Sparty won big as our shooting was dreadful while they were hot - that happens.

It's our lack of toughness. Things don't go right and this team just goes into a shell.


February 13th, 2013 at 1:15 PM ^

The thing about Stu and Zack (see post below) is that they had to fight for every scrap. These freshmen got lots of media attention early and often, with talk of some of them going pro (including non-freshmen Burke and THJ) after this season. That could be why they lack fight. Too much ego and everything coming too easily, too soon. Not enough adversity. My hope is that the lessons can be learned at this point, and that Belein is good at those kind of lessons. 


February 13th, 2013 at 11:49 AM ^

Here is the in-conference data for box score stats for road wins versus road losses:

FG% 55.7% 40.1% -28.1%
3FG% 47.5% 29.9% -36.9%
FT% 63.4% 68.9% 8.7%
OFF. REBOUND 10.3 9.0 -12.9%
DEF. REBOUND 33.7 23.0 -31.7%
PERSONAL FOULS 15.0 15.3 1.7%
POINTS PER GAME 83.7 60.0 -28.3%
ASSISTS 16.3 9.8 -40.3%
TURNOVERS 12.0 11.0 -8.3%
BLOCKS 2.7 2.5 -6.3%
STEALS 10.0 5.5 -45.0%


Here is the defensive efficiency of our road oppoenents in the conference:

Team 2012 Home
16 Indiana 0.872 0.827
22 Wisconsin 0.882 0.799
26 Ohio State 0.888 0.823
28 Michigan St 0.891 0.83
68 Minnesota 0.925 0.865
158 Northwestern 0.97 0.969
173 Illinois 0.979 0.95

This was mentioned in the thread over the weekend where someone talked about Robinson's in-game performance on the road, but you'll note that the team as a whole, against tougher defenses, can't seem to get the rhythm that they need and are considerably more tentative and less opportunistic. That being said, we would sit a few spots below Minnesota on the second chart, so really, the key in my opinion is to simply keep working on getting defensive rebounds, driving in and not trying to rely on the three-point shot, and being a little more selective about the shots they do make in these situations against tougher defenses. I also think it is experience for this team and that it will definitely moderate and improve with time in the system.


February 13th, 2013 at 4:40 PM ^

If a team can keep Burke from driving and dishing, well, there goes the whole offense.  Been the biggest supporter of Beilein in past, but rather than particular players having off nights, or certain flaws in particular games, this "softer" euro style is seeming more and more like a larger fundamental flaw.  

We dominate teams with less-athletic  guards when Burke can penetrate and our "smooth as vanilla" 3 pt game can click uncontested.  We totally unravel against decent defense when Burke can't penetrate because we can't pound, rebound and grind in a way that the big ten demands from a conference champion.  NCAA tourney will be a breath of fresh air for offense. Need to get tougher.