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Submitted by MGoKereton on April 22nd, 2011 at 4:19 PM

Just found this on twitter from HooverStreet and SBNationDetroit.  It was submitted about half an hour ago and I didn't see it on the MGoBlogosphere, so I'd thought I'd link.  The Lacrosse team appears to be getting a facility on Elbel Field due to the D1 jump.




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Pretty cool video, the facility looks like it will be pretty awesome.  The random people they have standing around the building, especially in the weight room, gave me a few chuckles.


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Nice building, but I hope the field doesn't take up too much space from Elbel. It would be a real shame if all the hotties decided to go elsewhere to sunbathe.


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Covered this a loooong time ago (maybe a year?). That plan is on indefinite hold, and is actually less likely with a versity program than it would have been with a club program.


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You don't list it in the original post, but you do in a comment further down.

Heres a tidbit from the comment:


Just as a side note to this conversation (/argument, whatever it is), Michigan, should they go varsity any time soon, will (should?) also have, bar none, the best lacrosse facility in the nation.


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...MIchigan goes varsity for Men's and Women's LAX, the LAX facility will surely account for both team's requirements.

This is pure speculation, so take it for what it's worth: While I'm sure the Men's LAX Club has raised a significant amount of money for this facility, it's likely being turned over to the university in some sort of endowment designed to support both teams.

Michigan Arrogance

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Would it be possible to get a pros/cons post regarding the available facilities the VARSITY lax team could use?


new soccer stadium, M stadium, the field hockey field assuming a reno.


April 22nd, 2011 at 11:47 PM ^

Michigan Stadium Pros: It's Michigan-freaking-Stadium.

Michigan Stadium Cons: JP has made it pretty clear that he doesn't like playing in big, empty stadiums. Given, I don't think anyone likes that.

Field Hockey Pros: Umm... none, really. Other than maybe location, but not really.

Field Hockey Cons: Very small, astroturf used for field hockey not the greatest for lax

Soccer Stadium Pros: Nice size, nice facility, nice surface... pretty great.

Soccer Stadium Cons: Really can't think of much, other than it would be a shared facility.

Elbel Field Pros: Can be customized to whatever lacrosse team wants and needs.

Elbel Field Cons:It has to be customized to whatever lacrosse team wants and needs.

That good enough?


April 23rd, 2011 at 9:51 AM ^

Location is a major downside for the soccer stadium. It's nearly impossible for most students to walk there. I went to every soccer game for 2 or 3 years, and since it moved to an off-campus facility (and let's not kid ourselves, it's off-campus), I've been to exactly 2.


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Facility is on indefinite hold as the property the building was planned to be on is not on university property and would have been owned by the boosters. The athletic department wouldnt be comfortable using a building they dont have legal control over. The funds dedicated to the building are also being used towards the varsity fundraising, so additionak fundraising would be needed.


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I love all Michigan sports, but as a regular non-athlete student at Michigan Elbel is one of the last feilds we can play on. I play soccer there a good amount and it looks like this facility will take up almost all of the feild leaving us with almost nothing.