December 5th, 2018 at 10:26 AM ^

Because this is a basketball thread and my comment does not warrant its own thread, I am going to put this here.

Aside from them not seeming comparable in like, any way, Iggy's game reminds me a lot of Jalen Rose.  Not just because both are lefties but their games seem really similar to me.  Neither are outrageously athletic and have to kind of find ways to hold defenders at bay and get creative around the rim.  Both can turn seemingly awkward looking drives into pretty effective scoring opportunities with floaters and odd angle bank shots. 

Neither feature the three ball that prominently, but can knock down huge open threes when the opportunity presents itself.  Iggy has a nicer looking shooting stroke.  Jalen had a little better handles but was really just used as a "point guard" because nobody else had a particularly good handle and could see over defenses. 

They both play really loose too, with a confidence and self-assuredness very unusual for freshman in prominent roles.