UM has 3 players on the SB pre-season Watch List

Submitted by MGoSoftball on February 6th, 2012 at 12:33 PM

The USA Softball Association released its pre-season All-American Watch List recently.  Michigan has 3 players on that list: Sr. Amanda Chidester, Sr. Bree Evans and Jr. Ashley Lane.  This is a very impressive feat for a team located in the "Snowy North".

While Cal, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee and Texas lead the way among universities with three athlete representatives each, the Big 12 Conference and the Pacific-12 (Pac-12) Conference have six member schools represented.  Northwestern (2) and Nebraska (1) are the only other B1G school that has players on the list. 

Congrats to Chiddy, Bree and Ashley.  You have made us all proud.  Keep up the good work and we look forward to seeing you starting this Friday.




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Nicole Sappingfield is not on the list but if she continues to contribute like she did in her freshman year, she will be worthy of consideration as well.


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a big surprise last year.  That pitcher was great.  However, Northwestern will be our biggest challenge.  They play a scrappy type of ball similar to Kentucky (which is similar to us by the way).

Colie did not get the love because of her injury last year.  I agree she is right up there with the best Sophomores in the country.

ND lost a few top notch seniors last year and they have a few nice additions.  However, they should not be a problem for us.



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typically these early games dont get the TV attention.  Most of the games are covered by CBS Sportsline Live Stats. 

I would not expect to have a streamed game until March.  The BTN covers all B1G games at a cost of $12 IIRC.

If I find any for this weekend, I will certainly post it here.


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Where are they this weekend? Florida? California? megangoblue is headed down to Auburn for their invitational, which I think is just Auburn and a bunch of smaller schools (including a certain team M played in 2007 that I am encouraging them to have no mercy on).