UM Golf Course Tailgating Questions

Submitted by MLAWyer on October 20th, 2009 at 11:31 PM

I've tailgated at the University of Michigan golf course several times now, but this time I'd like to get a spot on the fairway this time rather than getting parked in with no room for games and grilling. With that in mind I have a few questions.

What time does the course open? Are there generally cars waiting when the gates open? Do the first cars get spots on the fairway? If it makes any difference, we usually go in the State St. entrance. I realize that it is probably more hectic for big games like the one this weekend, but any advice is appreciated.

Sorry if this information is available somewhere else. I tried to google it and I searched Mgoblog.



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this may not be much of any advice but I showed up to the Utah game last year 3+ hours in advance and was in a good spot. Showed up to Western this year with 2hrs or so before kick and ended up in a shitty spot near the tennis courts with a "green nazi" who refused to let us set up cornhole boards within 15 feet of the fringe.


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I'm pretty sure the gates open @ 8:00 AM, but there’s usually a line waiting for the gates to open. I come in on Ann Arbor Saline as if the golf course is closed due to rain I’ll be able to hang a left and just tailgate @ Pioneer. Never have entered off State St. As far as setting up where you want to, I’ve heard some rumblings earlier in the year about some new rules @ the course, but for the most part I just head to the area I want and basically start my own row.


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Currently a student. I drove down state street on my way to DTW Saturday morning (6:30 AM) of the Delware State game. There were 15-25 SUVs (maybe more I was tired) in the turn lane and on the side of the street closer to the golf course. It is important to get there early. Having never tailgated on the golf course I don't know how much room there is. Also keep in mind numbers may be slightly reduced for the Delaware State game.


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A 3:30 game does not require you getting there real early. For ND we got there at about 9 30 and got a great spot on the golf course. But we came in on Stadium. I didn't realize you could park on the golf course and come in from other streets.


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I have been entering the UM Golf Course from State Street and parking on the 9th fairway for about 20 years now. The gates should open at 8am, as stated. You should get in line around 7:30 to get a fairway spot.

Sometimes they are late to open (boo), sometimes even early (yea). I usually get in line facing north between 7:30 and 8am for a normal game. I cross the 1st fairway and get a spot on the 9th fairway. But I usually have someone who is in line before 7:30 saving me a spot, although it is rarely needed. A game like penn state will have a following using this parking, so you play it a bit earlier. They will most probably have a penn state alumni tent going as well to further congest things

They also kick you off two hours after game time. We will push it till the limit, enjoying post-game convo. And after-glow if you will.

Good luck. Go early and enjoy three meals on the golf course this week.

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I am kind of sensitive about that, since golf course cognoscenti always make fun of Michigan using its magnificent Alister Mackenzie (Cypress Point, Augusta National, Royal Melbourne, Pasatiempo, Crystal Downs)-designed golf course as a football parking lot.

The parking is done in areas that are out-of-bounds, or in the rough. Not on any fairways. The parking area that I think the OP is talking about is the old practice area between the First and Ninth holes. (The only time a car tire touches a fairway is when you enter the fence-gate and cross over the First fairway to where the parking is.)

And, this year, because of stadium construction stuff in the Blue Lot and other congestion, they are allowing parking in the rough between the 13th and 14th holes, with entry access off of Main Street (which is another option for interested groups). I hope this info about the additional Main Street entrance is helpful; I think that it sees a little less pressure than the State Street entry-way. (It is, admittedly, about 500 yards further away from the Stadium.)

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October 23rd, 2009 at 11:57 PM ^

It is NOT true for the University of Michigan Golf Course. They are two different properties altogether. And the old (false) rumors among golf course design critics all over the world --that U-M parked cars all over its course-- stemmed in part from confusion over the use of the neighboring course at AAG&O.

AAG&O is a little 9-hole course that is of little importance in the golf world and is of massive importance to thousands of football fans on home-game Saturdays.

The U of M course is an historic world-class championship golf course.


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The U of M course opened some new parking areas this year. The entrance is off of Main at the house lined up at approximately the 50 yard line of the Pioneer football field (take a look at Google maps and you'll see it). My group has parked at this location every Saturday from week 1 and have gotten in as soon as we got there, which has been about 7:30 AM. I speculate that the reason they let people in early is to avoid conflicts with the parking line for the AAGO and also to avoid having a back up extend to Scio-Church Road. The reason is of no significance. The fact that we haven't waited in line is extremely significant.

The parking attendants loosely direct you to locations but basically let you park wherever you want and the tailgating space per car is better than I have experienced anywhere on campus. You will have no problem backing up to a roped off section as there will be plenty of these type of spaces. Maybe they will tighten things up in the future but I certainly recommend checking this location out.


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Where it was stated that State St. access would be open, does this mean you can walk across the fairway toward the tunnel that leads to the Crisler lot?

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October 24th, 2009 at 12:12 AM ^

You can walk to the Golf Course Clubhouse, and the tunnel under Stadium Ave. to the Blue Lot, from anywhere and everywhere on the golf course. If you want to go that way, and it isn't out of your way. People close to Main Street probably don't want to go that route -- it is out of the way.


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Im planning on tailgating for the Ohio State game at the golfcourse... I was told that the gates open at 7am. I tried to call but received no information. Can someone confirm this? Also, does anyone know if they allow pop up canopies and/or bean toss games etc.? 


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Bumping this so I don't get ostracized for starting a new thread. But, what are Mgobloggers planning for this weekend's tailgate? Golf course sounds like the way to go, but getting there at 8am or earlier is just not realistic for my crew. We want to drink, grill, and play games like all red-blooded fans. For a 3:30pm homecoming game against Illinois, what time would you recommend arriving at the course. Alternatively, where would you recommend? Thanks in advance.