UM football players Mark Moundros & Jon Bills in bad car accident.

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Some sad news out of Schembechler Hall: Mark Moundros (FB/LB) and Jon Bills (TE) were in a bad car accident. I am not aware of where the accident happened, how it happened or who was at fault. I do know that Mark was a little dinged up but will be fine other than short term whip lash-type effects and bruising that are typical of a car accident. However, Jon was not as fortunate and is in the hospital with serious spine-related issues. I apologize for posting without more details. A friend of mine on the women's golf team is dating a football player and she told me what happened and after I spoke to another friend on the women's tennis team who also dating a football player, who confirmed. I hesitated posting something so personal, but I thought that the more Wolverines that had Jon & his family in their thoughts and prayers the better.



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Nothing new to say but everyone keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Car accidents are scary situations and we hope everything turns out for the best. Hang in there guys.


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I'm praying for the best here.

Let's all hope for the most positive outcomes for both of these  young men and their families. Based on the Mealer family outcomes it is clear their is a "Benificent Michigan Recovery and Rehabilitation Supporting God".


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Sad news indeed.  On that note I think I will take a break from the less important issues we face.  Best wishes to both players.

Raback Omaba

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I can say that the family would appreciate prayers for the three, especially Jon, who's injuries are the worst.

He is doing better and is stable however he has surgery tomorrow, so keep him in your prayers.

Really makes you think about life and cherishing those close to you.


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Wow terrible news indeed.  I know Jon from class as we are both in the same program and he seems like a good person, easy to talk to and always has a smile.  Get well soon to Jon and Mark


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If it means they don't have to deal with more serious long-term injuries.  Football is important to these guys, but they've also got the next 60 years of their lives ahead of them. 

Brandon Minor lost a season to a balky ankle.  Brock Mealer lost more than that.

Blue in Yarmouth

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give me headaches and the use of all my extremities over being paralysed any day of the week. People who have never worked with or know people who have been paralysed can't appreciate what a truly difficult situation it is. In fact, unless you are the person themselves I don't think you can appreciate it.

What I can say though, is what Minor went through is nothing like what The Mealer Family has gone through, and I am sure Brandon himself would say that.


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Every now and then something happens that puts things back in perspective.  It's just a shame that it takes a tragedy like this to do so.

They're both in my prayers.  May the good people at UofM Hospital work their magic.


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Hearing about tragic, unexpected events like this always reminds me of how precious life is, and how lives can be changed in an instant.

Give your loved ones an extra hug and kiss before you go to bed tonight.