UM Flint Doctor of Physical Therapy program

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Obviously this is way off topic. Has anyone graduated from or currently enrolled in the DPT program at UM flint? If so, how do you like it. How do you like the Flint campus and facilities?

Thanks for any insight.



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Hey Jeff.

I'm a graduate. I really enjoyed my time there and felt as though I got a good education that prepared me well for the "real world". I'm from Flint. the facilities there are really nice. It's a small college but the PT facilities are fairly new and up to date. Flint, despite all of the negative press, is up and coming. There's plenty of nice bars, restaurants and social areas to be that are more safe than people may want to think. 


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My wife went to Oakland after u of m undergrad, Oakland built a new building with their new med school, she loved the program. It's in auburn hills. 10/10, would marry a graduate

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Good luck with your DPT! I was accepted to PT school at Wayne state last year, but ended up turning it down to apply to PA school this year instead. Sucks waiting to get called for interviews again.

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It was a bit of a no-brainer to me. I was beginning to develop more of an interest in conventional medicine than manual therapy and exercise, and with being in my 30s, owning a home, and getting married next year, med school seemed out of the question (as it carries a bigger upfront financial liability and more risk in terms of career placement). Not to mention that the tuition for PA school is significantly cheaper than that of PT school. The decision to switch paths was obvious.

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Also a graduate (2015) and created this account just to comment.
The program is really solid overall. There was a lot of faculty turnover while I was there, which I believe was ultimately for the better. They're doing a lot to develop their post-professional programs and a few of the faculty are helping to spearhead PT research into concussion and the PT's role in that rehab. There are also good professional extracurricular programs and I'd second what scparksDPT said about the campus and Flint area. Best of luck to you!


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Hey Jeff,

I graduated from the program a couple years back.  All is true about what was said from the other users about the campus and the faciilities. I feel the eduacation was top notch and most of the professors were great; however, there has been a lot of turnover with faculty since I graduated and Its hard to speak on how the curriculum has changed since graduating in 2013. Ive had students from the program over the past couple years through the transition. Overall, the students have positive things to say on how the program is currently constructed. Hope our posts help.

Maize n' Blue Grad

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Hey Jeff,

I do not currently go to UM Flint, but I did look into when applying last year. Biggest turn off for me was faculty turn over and the overall price of tuition for said turnover. From what I had gathered from PTs I shadowed was that CMU, GVSU, and Oakland had overall better programs for around the same price as UM Flint. Facilities are really good though. I have a couple former classmates there and they seem to enjoy the program pretty well.

Watch out when you apply too because if you get accepted, they will respond back really quickly about putting an expensive deposit down ($500 I think). I put the deposit down out of pure excitement for getting into a DPT program and now I'm in Arizona so if you think you can get into other schools, take that into consideration. I wouldn't be surprised if in the future UM Flint is a top DPT program in the state, but it might be good to weigh the pros and cons of other schools too.


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I am currently in the MBA program at UofM Flint. I have been impressed with my professors and it has been a tremendous experience. I cannot speak specifically to the PT program, but UofM Flint has more than passed my expectations. I would recommend this school. Do not be afraid of the negative Flint stigma. I have been on campus for over a year at all hours of the day and never had any issues. All of the professors are top notch and professional. Hope this helps.



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First, good luck in whatever program you choose to attend. I graduated from PT school from UW- La Crosse which is hands down the best DPT program in the country. However, in my interactions with students that have attended UM-Flint they have spoken highly of the education. I would recommend that you get on Twitter and ask your question with #dptstudent and see if you get any replies. Again, good luck in school. It's not easy, but it is worth it!

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UM Flint campus and facilities are very nice. It is kind of the shrine of the city so it is cared after very well. Can't speak for the PT program other than to say that I know a few graduates of the program who spoke very highly of it and are doing well. The university itself however is very impressive and the athletic facility, academic "leisure" areas are nice and welcoming, and security is very good. If you are inclined toward the program, I would not let the school itself dissuade you in any way. You won't be disappointed.


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I grew up in Flint and attended UM-Flint for several years.  This was a while ago but I can tell you the Flint facilities are first rate.  When I went we had to use a shuttle between UCEN and the Mott campus to the science building that was being leased at the time.  Lots of good memories.

Since then UM-Flint has pretty much taken over the downtown area, built new facilities, student housing, purchased key commercial buildings to convert for student usage, etc.  It quite possibly may be one of the top commuter universities in the country.

Also the REC center is great....pool, lots of equipment and sports physiology students if you want to get things done like BMI checks, qualified trainers, etc.


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I haven't gone to U of M Flint but I do live in Flint and visit the campus. It is a nice city and coming back and the downtown area is becoming beautiful. They have a great farmers market and a great health food store with a deli. 



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Really have to say that Flint gets a much worse wrap than it should.  I don't actually remember running into anyone unfriendly the entire time I lived there as crazy as that sounds.

Hopefully they'll finally get some additional non-automotive related businesses to create jobs and help the unemployment but I truly belive there is potential there.  There really is tons to do also, while I spent many weekends in Ann Arbor and had many thinking I was going to school there despite my constant reminders I wasn't, it was more of choosing what to do versus ever being unable to find something to do.

I cannot speak to UM Flint although knew some girls who went there and never heard any bad things.


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Thanks for all the replies, much appreciated. I'm not sure what I am going to do but the UM DPT program is attractive because they will allow you to go part time. I am just finishing up a PTA program and would like to work as a PTA while pursuing my DPT.


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Man, that's a brutal route to become a PT. Are there any prerequisites you need to retake? Have you considered a PTA-to-PT bridge program like the one in Findlay?

I only ask because the path from PTA to PT is not a straightforward one, and I'm somewhat confused as to why people choose to go that route.

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I don't have any first-hand knowledge about the program but I want to second the observations above Flint being a better city than is commonly perceived.  Downtown is on the upswing with new bars and restaurants, a new farmer's market and a burgeoning arts scene.  The cultural center has outstanding art museum and performance center.  Housing is less expensive than in many other collegiate communities both in the city and in the surrounding suburbs.