UM Commit Damien Harris only had 11 carries (...but...)

Submitted by buddhafrog on September 1st, 2013 at 11:48 PM

UM 5 star 2015 commit Damien Harris was only given 11 carries this past Friday.


He gained 266 yards and 5 TD's, and came out of the game only two minutes into the second half.

Yeah.  That be crazy.  Must've ate subs.

EDIT: follow the link through to the original link, and it shows that Harris actually did even better.  Still left two minutes into the 3rd quarter but finished with 13 carries for 352 yards.  Should've played the entire game and gone for that ellusive 700-yards-in-a-game mark.

Video link from comments below:

Hahahahahahaahahahahah (now thinking about Peppers highlights also) Lolololololololololol



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The tweet linked by the "article" says


The text in the OP's link also has these numbers


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OMFG the 2nd run is one of the most hilarious things I have ever seen.  He jukes a few times in the backfield, finds a seam, and then accelerates forward at such a pace the cameraman is beaten and Harris goes right off the right side of the screen.  Then the camera seems to signal "defeat" by simply blinking blankly at midfield while all the action appears off side right. As if to say "F*** it, I am not built for filming this...." Those poor kids he played against looked like an 8th grade team ... like someone else said: man among boys. 


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Did anyone else notice that his team didn't cheer for him at all? Big run after big run and the entire team stood there like statues.

Also, the other team kind of looked weak.


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So, let's spread this out over his first two games - the stats for the game the week before are at this link - HERE

According to this listing, in that game 23 carries for 221 yards and 5 rushing TDs here. So, if I did the math correctly for the two games, 36 carries, 573 yards and 10 TD rushing, or a pedestrian 15.91 YPC. 


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it's like the camera dude doesn't have a swivel on his tripod and he's seen this so many times, he's sick of trying to spin the whole damn thing around.