UM coaches stop in on McGary, visit his parents in IND

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on September 29th, 2011 at 10:27 AM

Looks like things could be getting more serious between Michigan and Mitch McGary. Three Michigan coaches stopped in for a visit at Brewster Academy (McGary's prep school), and then went to Indiana to visit his folks.

Needless to say, this is a positive development.

Commence repetitive discussion about the last time Michigan landed a Top 5 guy and how Jerod Ward was a bust.



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had a pretty good senior season.  Also, he had two knee surgeries one on each knee, so the injuries robbed him of explosiveness.

Insert fishiness comment of landing a player from Missipppi really really late in the recruiting process here.

marco dane

September 29th, 2011 at 10:40 AM ^

...his recuritment is heating up. Read a post where a poster states...."Coach B is going to be happy in couple of weeks."


I've stated in the past,I believe he will commit to Michigan...hope I'm right.


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Wasn't the word that he favors M but his parents favor Duke? If so, this is a great step in the right direction by the coaches. Good recruiting. Anyways, I might want McHary more than I want any remaining football recruit, and that is definitely saying something.

If we land him, I'll have a beer. Then I'll have another. Then I'll have 16 or 17 more beers and hopefully start a late night drunk thread that will be epic. 


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I really want the kid but I fear for our backboards.  I mean, we just finished a multi million dollar renovation and then decide to bring in a backboard crushing man-child?  What in the the hell is Coach B thinking? 


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It's pretty interesting how little credit Beilein has received for his coaching shake up last year (not 2 years ago, right?). Bringing in Bacari and Lavall and promoting Jeff Meyer. The Meyer move, in particular, has been fantastic since he's been instrumental in landing many of our higher rated guys. People have talked ad naseum about UM football coaching in the last few years, but people seem to overlook what's gone on in the basketball program on that front.

marco dane

September 29th, 2011 at 11:23 AM ^

The hiring of those two young men spoke volume of the direction Coach B wants to go. However,lets not forget about the *wow/cool factor* when discussing the ressurgent of Michigan Basketball. Yes ,Tommy took the program from the dead to a weak heartbeat status...however Manny & Peedie make it vogue again to consider Michigan.

Even if McGary dosen't commit to Michigan (I believe he will when its all said and done)...I commend Michigan coaching staff for even being in the conversation for this young man.


September 29th, 2011 at 11:36 AM ^

I have to respectfully disagree. Michigan was still more or less overlooked while Manny and Peedi were there, and is only now being taken seriously since we almost beat Duke and have had increased recruiting success.

What made Michigan start to regain some of the cool factor is what made Valpo cool during the 1998 NCAA tourney - a scrappy bunch of underdogs, led by an undersized and underappreciated sharp-shooting white guy, knocking off a more athletic yet more complacent squad, then almost beating the evil Blue Devils. Looking solely at Michigan bball players, not coaches, it's Novak's heart and determination that have led to Michigan's resurgence. He shows just how far hard work can take you.


September 29th, 2011 at 12:52 PM ^

I have to disagree with your timing on this. Well before the 2011 NCAA Tournament, Michigan had already gained commitments from Brundidge, Burke, and Robinson III--three consensus top 100 players--so the increased recruiting success was well underway before that Duke game was ever played.


September 29th, 2011 at 2:02 PM ^

I think Manny/DeShawn were key.  Amaker had gotten the occasional big-time recruit (Dion Harris was a Mr. Basketball, for instance), but Beilein never really had before when he came here.  That was part of what drew him to this job (access to more talent), but a lot of people were skeptical about his recruiting ability.  Those two agreed to stay put and give his system a chance.  That may have played an important role in landing Darius Morris, another big-city kid.  And then of course they broke through to the NCAA tournament in '09.  


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McGary is the kind of player that, if he stays two years, puts Michigan instantly into the realm of a final 8/4 team, a Big 10 winning team. He's that rarest of birds- A guy with superb talent, inside, outside, offense, defense, who also is a big heart guy who works hard all the time. Not that he's a Jordan level player, but that's the thing with Jordan- He was a all time talent who worked as hard as Ben Wallace. McGary is of the same type, though not the same magnitude.

Finally of course, he's a real big man, another very rare commodity in the college ranks these days.



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Remedial Recognition of Sarcasm 101


Avoidance of the Use of Overused Hip Words Like "Meme" 3L33T.

I mean dang. I compared a white, 6'10" forward high school senior to MJ. How can this not be sarcasm? No number of "magnitude" distractions can make that less clear.



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Not sure this suggests the recruitment is "heating up." I'm sure every school visits him this way. He said Michigan is in his top five. This is what a top-five schook would do. So nothing about this suggests M has a leg-up.


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when Mcgary decides to cancel some of his other visits. UM would be silly not to send an army to recruitt his guy so the fact that they did just shows they want him and thin they can get him.  parents often times need as much recruiting as the player so smart move by coach B but also a necessary one.  you think he dropped a  "you know duke is tabacco road and tabacco is bad for you mmk"?


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I agree with the couple of dissenters above saying these Michigan visits are SOP when going after big-time recruits. There have been plenty of reports about coaches from Duke, Florida, etc. making multiple trips to Brewster Academy. I haven't heard about any other coaches visiting the parents at their home, but that doesn't mean it hasn't happened or won't happen in the coming days or weeks. To play devil's advocate, you could interpret the visit to McGary's parents as a negative sign in that it shows Michigan's need to win the parent's over, especially given the earlier reports that his parents favored Duke.

Although Sam Webb has claimed a couple of times this week that McGary is tiring of the recruiting process, and he said today that starting next week people should start watching for McGary to make an announcement, the last public word from McGary was that he was still planning to make official visits to Florida, Maryland, and Kentucky. Until he officially decides not to make those visits, his recruitment remains wide open. I've seen more than one report from credible sources, including this one, that McGary plans to attend Kentucky's Big Blue Madness on October 14. And a staffer at GatorBait posted in this thread that Florida is trying to get McGary in for a visit on November 5. So I have my doubts that McGary will be making a decision well in advance of the November signing period.