UM Baseball @ NW at Wrigley - Ticket Info

Submitted by Bronco648 on April 16th, 2013 at 3:14 PM

For those of you in the vicinity of Chiago, you can buy general admission tickets, for $7, HERE. Game time is 6:05 PM. The forecast is for partly cloudy skies, high of 50º with a 20% chance of rain. Winds are forecast to be from the west so there should not be any lake effect cooling. Dress warmly though!



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On just walking up and grabbing a ticket.  Any idea what sort of crowd they expect?  Obviously not enough to fill the stadium, but not sure if they plan to restrict certain seating areas.


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I live in Chicago-land and didn't even know this game was happening. Northwestern is persona non grata in this town, for some reason (too much Domer butt licking, me thinks). I wouldn't be surprised if the crowd is very "intimate", as it were.


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First, they're not a big winner, which seems like a must in a big city (look at the Orange Bowl and the Colesium when Miami and USC are losing). Second, they're a relatively small private school drawing from a national base in a conference made up of otherwise enormous state schools that mostly take midwestern undergrads. Northwestern has less of an alumni base in Chicago than any other Big Ten school and isn't able to garner a lot of non-alumni support without winning consistantly.

Also completely agree about the ND stuff. Wasn't such a big deal on a day-to-day basis in the suburbs, but something definitely changes when crossing into Chicago proper.


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Northwestern IS Chicago's Big Ten School.  Or so the billboard says.  


Joking.  But I was planning on walking up for the game (bringing my one year old; only plan to stay a few innings).  Hope I can buy them day of (assumed I could).

Bando Calrissian

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I'm really surprised how little this is being publicized in Chicago, especially in Evanston. I don't even think I've gotten anything from MIchigan about it, either.

My guess is it'll be a cold, blustery day in Wrigley with a game played before about a 2/3-empty stadium at best. So, basically, the usual early-season crappy-weather afternoon at Wrigley.


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To further make the point that others in this thread are making: I live in Chicago, played for NU, donate, and my fmr college roommate is the assistant coach. Yet I have learned much more about this game from MGoBlog than anywhere else. This is where the cool Twitter kids write "smh" I think.