UM to Announce Self-Imposed Sanctions May 24th

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Birkett reporting that Michigan will announce self-imposed sanctions next week.  This was of course expected.  The NCAA can either accept the M sanctions when they meet in August or impose more.  I'm not familiar enough with history to make any guess at what the sanctions might be, but I'm not overly concerned.

EDIT: Yup, somehow I missed the previous posts that had this info (how could I have missed the UV with those hideous uniforms?!), so feel free to ignore this thread, or discuss the SNITCH IN THE AD!  

[mod edit: Substantive information from this release: 'D-Day' is May 24th]



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I am curious who in the athletic department is talking to that d-bag Birkett.  I would think with the way he has treated RR he would have to read breaking news like that on Mgoblog, not break it himself.


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Uh, UMDad -

That article is based upon quotes from David Brandon at the Big Ten meetings in Chicago. So, Birkett got his "breaking news" from information publicly known. There are no "snitches."

Or, he could have read the quotes where MSC said the exact same thing last week.

This isn't exactly breaking news, just Birkett filler.


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I am not labelling anyone a snitch.  It was posted as if Birkett reported that the self imposed sanctions would be released this week, not that there would be sanctions, which everyone already knows.  I had not realized that it had been previously reported, and was therefore going with what was written in the post.  I am not sure why I am getting negged for my response, but as you responded directly to me, I am going to assume you did it.  I am now giving you the 'stink-eye.' :)


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You wrote:

I am curious who in the athletic department is talking to that d-bag Birkett. 

Uh, that's implying there is a snitch. However, the news is public, so, no snitch. That's what I was getting at.

As for the the last two sentences in your post, what are you whining about? Oh yeah, something you should really not whine about, or even talk about in a non-whining manner. This is especially when you could easily determine I'm not the one doing what it is you are talking about in "Voting Statistics." But I don't do that to people just for expressing opinions. That's pretty childish, IME.


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I was just trying to be funny.  I thought the term 'stink-eye' would be a dead give away.  And, for the record, I am not a conspiracy theorist.  Athletic departments all talk to local reporters, I was thinking more that they should specifically stop talking to him, not that they are doing something wrong by talking to him in the first place.  This isn't exactly like some athletic department intern meeting Birkett in a parking deck to tell him some inside dirt.  So, to recap, don't think there is a snitch...don't actually care about points...not actually giving you the 'stink-eye...


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... just came in from CNNSI as well, and if you're like me, you open on mgoboard rather than the mgoblog home page (and the sanction bit is a line down below lax muppets and baseball, and ...), and MSC in Boston is on page 2 of mgoboard


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In the world.  Additionally, I am sure they hired outside consultants and have reviewed these situations from other schools along with the out comes.

We will probably be harder on ourselves than the NCAA will be.  Not by much, but harder.

Then we will just move on and all will be forgotten... water over the damn...

We need to trust our Athletic Department...


Go Blue AD!!!


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I just got an email from my snitch in the AD. Below are some of the Self-Imposed Sanctions to be announced next week:

  • No one from the football program will be allowed to talk to anyone from the print media for a period of 10 years 
  • Michigan Football shall abstain from the immense pleasure of, and forego the obvious competitive advantage gained from, playing recorded music at home football games for a period of 100 years
  • Michigan will forego the use of a mascot to arouse the crowd at any Michigan sporting event
  • Michigan Football will forthwith abstain from using arrogant individual accolades in the form of adhesive symbols placed on football helmets
  • The head coach will abstain from wearing a red wrist band at Michigan sporting events
  • Michigan Football will refrain from paying any "baby seal" teams for a period of 100 years

That is all I have heard of so far, I wonder if anyone else has heard of any?


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for about 85% of the fan base, that will be the case IF we win more games than we lose this season, and win a bowl game in the bargain.

For the remaining 15%, RR could win a NC this year and next, find a cure for juvenile diabetes, invent an anti-gravity machine, donate $5 million to Mott, and clean up the Gulf oil spill all by himself, they'd still be calling into Jeff DeFran's show complaining that he's not a real MIchigan Man, and DeFran would announce new super-secret info from his inside sources that Brandon is going to fire RR next week.


May 17th, 2010 at 7:05 PM ^

I don't think that taking care of Ahmadinejibberjabber would do it, but it's possible that if RR pulled the head of Osama Bin Laden out of a sack, put it on a tee, and kicked a 50-yarder with it, you could whittle the 15% down to 10%.


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...that edited this post to say that the announcement will be 24 May, recommend you reread Brandon's statement and edit this post appropriately.  The University will report their self-imposed sanctions to the NCAA on 24 May and will announce to the public what those are within 24 hours.  Dave Brandon:

"Within 24 hours after the materials being delivered to the committee, we’re going to make them available to the general public. So you’ll have it all, you’ll have our responses, you’ll have the self-imposed sanctions, penalties, that we believe are appropriate. And you’ll have it all to look at."

The announcement will be made on 25 May.  According to his sub-header for this article, Fearless Leader agrees with my interpretation.


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Somebody on another site said the rumor is that Michigan is going to offer a self-imposed postseason ban for 2010 and a loss of two scholarships for the 2011 season.

Personally, I think that's too harsh.  Maybe one or the other, but not both.