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2014 Big Ten Schedule: MINN (9/27), @ RUT (10/4), PSU (10/11), @ MSU (10/25), IND (11/1), @ NW (11/8), MD (11/22), @ OSU (11/29)


notice trip to East Lansing....2 years in a row '13 and '14


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I can't believe that people say such things.  I don't have much to say about which teams are tougher competition; over the course of several decades, it all evens out.  But the MSU and OSU home games are the top tickets on any given year's home slate.

This is a terrible departure for us and Dave Brandon knows it.

Just another way that things get screwed up.  This courtesy of the B1G expansion.  More games with Rutgers and Maryland.  Fewer games with Wisconsin, Iowa, and the other traditional Big Ten schools.  MSU and OSU crammed into the same calendar years.  Two years traveling to East Lansing.  None of this is good.  It all sucks.  I'd like Brandon to know how much this pisses people off.


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2014 home schedule: Horror II, Miami (NTM), Utah, Minnesota, crippled Penn State, Indiana, Maryland.

(per Brian's Twitter).

Ummm... Wow, that home schedule really sucks.

UM Indy

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The best team we'll play at home is ...?  Penn State decimated by sanctions?  Maryland?  IU?!

What genius decided to send us back to East Lansing and give us Indiana and Minnesota at home two years in a row?  And no Nebraska?  I just don't get it.

EDIT:  Meant as response to BlueBarron, but it doesn't matter where it goes, the schedule is still horseshit.


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I still can't beleive Brandon scheduled App St.  There is nothing good that can come from that even if we win 70-0.  It would be like Domino's brining back the 30 minute garuantee as a promotion despite the fact that it arguably caused multiple traffic deaths and cost the company millions in settlements and court judgments. 

James Burrill Angell

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Did you see Wisconsin's conference schedule in 2014

They play Nw, Illinois, Maryland Rutgers, Purdue, Nebraska,Iowa and Minnesota.

No PSU, MSU, OSU or us. You'd think they'd at least throw one of the better teams from the other division on that crossover schedule. What a cakewalk.


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Wait, does this mean we're always going to play OSU and MSU home/home and away/away.

WTF? It couldn't have been that hard to arrange.


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Penn State has the best slate : 3 bye weeks, with only the Michigan game in between byes, they get OSU, NW, and MSU at home.


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Aren't we playing at ND that year as well?  Is there any reason to buy season tickets in 2014 then?  So you can watch IU, PSU, MD and MINN, and then Miami, Utah, and App State?


Really need to flip the MSU game as both rivalry games will be either home or away each year.

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With ND dropping off the schedule, we just have to get this arranged so the MSU and ohio home/away games are in alternate years.  That 2014 home schedule is really unappealing,  although it does look like 7 home wins in 2014, at least if DG is still around.


Edit: Crap.  Beat me by a minute.


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Would be better for MSU to switch the Michigan game too, they get OSU as home in the same year as MIchigan at home.  Looks like the basis for the set up was that OSU, Michigan, and PSU each play one home and one away game against the other two.  Can't say I blame that methodology but Michigan's schedule got screwed.


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we should go undefeated at home that year. Not like anyone will be there to see it though, good luck selling season ticket packages DB because that slate is shit awful.