UM #1 in B1G Merch Sales

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In a story about PSU remaining relevant in merchandise sales was this nugget


Despite the negativity associated with the school's handling of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal, Penn State still generated more royalties last school year than any other Big Ten school except for Michigan.

This also surprised me:

As of last season, Penn State was the third most popular football team in the country, according to an ESPN Sports Poll. More than five percent of the country considered themselves Ohio State fans (5.2 percent), 4.1 percent said they supported Notre Dame and 3.8 percent said they rooted for the Nittany Lions.





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The results for an ESPN online poll mean jack and diddly. Betcha Sparty ranked in the top 20.

As for merch sales, I maintain that Michigan is popular enough to abandon OLCP and market their brand themselves, earning way more royalties.


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Objectively speaking, MSU has tens of thousands of undergrads, a solid basketball program, and just rebranded themselves (which should have led to  a big boost in sales).  I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think they're top 20 or 30 nationally but nowhere near close to having the cache of UM. 


*in before my e-stalker marks this -1 for trolling.. even though it is, once again, completely relevant* 


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1. MGoPoints don't matter, nor does how they're moderated.

2. Here let me fix the post:

Objectively speaking, MSU has tens of thousands of undergrads, a solid basketball program, and we just rebranded ourselves (which should have led to a big boost in sales).  I don't think it's too much of a stretch to think we would be top 20 or 30 nationally but nowhere near close to having the cache of UM.


We know you're an MSU fan, you don't have to pretend otherwise, and acting like you're a Michigan fan just pisses people off


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Key element in the PSU data was the cut-off being "last school year".  That would have it ending right around May of this year...well before the Sandusky trial and the Freeh report was issued and made public. 

I'll bet you a whole lottta money they won't be #3 in next year's survey.  My guess is you'll see more Indiana  Football gear being worn in public than you will PSU least everywhere outside of unHappy Valley.


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Ohio State would have been first in merchandise sales, but their effort to cut out the 'middle man' resulted in sales that aren't trackable by this study.


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Umich #4...Ohio St. must have their own deal as I don not see them on the list.

Edit: made smaller so it reads easier



ATLANTA, Ga., (May 15, 2012) - 
Top-75 Universities
(1.) The University of Texas at Austin (2.) The University of Alabama (3.)University of Florida (4.) The University of Michigan (5.) Louisiana State University (6.) University of Kentucky (7.) The University of Georgia (8.)University of North Carolina (9.) University of Oklahoma (10.) University of Notre Dame (11.) Auburn University (12.) The Pennsylvania State University(13.) University of Nebraska (14.) University of Wisconsin (15.) University of Arkansas (16.) University of Tennessee (17.) West Virginia University (18.)University of South Carolina (19.) University of Missouri (20.) Texas A&M University (21.) Florida State University (22.) The University of Kansas (23.)Oklahoma State University (24.) Clemson University (25.) University of Illinois(26.) Texas Tech University (27.) University of Miami (28.) University of Washington (29.) Purdue University (30.) Arizona State University (31.)Boise State University (32.) The University of Arizona (33.) Syracuse University (34.) University of California Los Angeles (35.) University of Louisville (36.) Oregon State University (37.) Duke University (38.) University of California Berkeley (39.) University of Utah (40.) University of Minnesota(41.) Washington State University (42.) The University of Virginia (43.)University of Mississippi (44.) Stanford University (45.) University of Maryland(46.) University of Pittsburgh (47.) Texas Christian University (48.) Georgia Institute of Technology (49.) University of Connecticut (50.) Brigham Young University (51.) University of Cincinnati (52.) University of Colorado (53.)State University of New Jersey (54.) East Carolina University (55.) Boston College (56.) The University of Montana (57.) University of South Florida(58.) Georgetown University (59.) University of Central Florida (60.)University of Nevada (61.) Vanderbilt University (62.) The University of Memphis (63.) U.S Military Academy (64.) Fresno State (65.) The University of Wyoming (66.) Marshall University (67.) The University of New Mexico(68.) Villanova University (69.) Northwestern University (70.) Colorado State University (71.) University of Delaware (72.) University of Louisiana at Lafayette (73.) University of Idaho (74.) Gonzaga University (75.) Marquette University 



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I know you live in LA, but outside of SoCal, there are no USC fans. Even here, so much of the population consists of other PAC 12 or Big Ten fans, or foreign-born Asians and Hispanics who don't follow college football. I would not expect SC to be too high nationally in that category.


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That's not what I'm saying (and don't call me Shirley). But they were on the list, they wouldn't be in the top 20 or so.

The apparel culture down here is also different, it's not as cool to wear your school's gear in LA as it is in the Midwest or the South. For example, I was invited to an SC game with a bunch of my SC grad friends shortly after I moved here. I asked them if they had a USC shirt I could borrow to wear to the game, but none of them owned more than one. I thought that was crazy, but it's not atypical, and most SC fans don't wear apparel outside of a football Saturday. Homeless people in Michigan own more Michigan gear than your average SC grad. After I graduated from Michigan, I think I had enough Michigan shirts to cover the whole student section.


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They'd probably at least be in the top 30.  I work at USC and I find that the people affiliated with the school wear tons of apparel, much moreso than #34 UCLA ( I used to work over there too).  I also see a *lot* of it around town, but maybe I just noice it more than you since I'm attuned to it.  


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I'm only surprised with PSU being so high. OSU is down, Wisconsin loves to lose rose bowls and MSU finds a way to lose if they get too close to winning. On the other hand, Michigan won the sugar bowl.

Hugh Jass

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to model Michigan to say sales are about to 'splode!  By the way I am built just like the picture in my avatar - bon apetite.................Alright, quit picturing me in the nude


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Honestly, I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio are starting to believe him. Never in a million years I would have thought that. Selling Michigan jerseys is a good start.