UConn will be overwhelmed...

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Let's hope the boys are practicing hard with a little more than a month to go! The Huskies home field seats 40,000. I wonder if a raucous 109,000 will rattle them a bit?



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Average Score: 44 - 14

Average Margin of Victory: 30 points.

Closest margin of victory: 21 points.

Year that the defense gives up 3 TDs, the offense scores 9 TDs.


I found it interesting that in 2007, RR's #6 rated WVU team (11-2) gave up 21 or more points in 7 of those games. However, WVU outscored the opposition 43 - 24 in those same 7 games (Western Michigan, Marshall, #18South Florida, Louisville, #21Cinncinnati, #20Uconn, and #3Oklahoma).

So, yay for high-powered offenses covering for mediocre defenses.


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that really does bode well because in all honesty I am scared of the UConn..well I'm scared of every single game right becuase I, along with everyone has absolutely no clue how this team will do or who will even be starting the majority of the positions.


So, when even the smallest things such as Denard having awesome spring sessions to Randy Edsall never defeating a Rich Rodriguez led team really goes a long way to reducing the acid reflux that burns whenever I think about the opening game.


So in a round about way, I'd just like to thank you for posing this. 


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Obviously no game is a true gimme (if any program knows that, it's us) but I really don't think UConn is going to beat us.  Could it happen?  Sure.  I just really don't think it will be all that close. 

Go Blue!


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Let's hope this turns out right:

Not cooperating so far.


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The stadium will be dedicated in . . .  Brock will walk in. . . UConn will be overwhelmed in . . . Michigan will dominate in . . . The day will be ours in . . .


side note:  I've been to Rentschler Field for a lax doubleheader.  Not that impressive to say the least.  There's plans to expand it but meh.  I'll be there when Michigan plays the 2nd half of the home and home.  Hopefully we sweep 'em


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Looking at that Mich - Western Highlight, I was looking at the ticker, and noticed that Iowa Northern Iowa score. Completely forgot about that game. Crazy to think, if they would of lost that game, which they should of, there entire season probably would of been different.


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Going into 2009, Western Michigan was coming off a hugely successful 9-4 season (Loss to Rice in the Texas Bowl), with a big time QB with a career 122.9 passer rating and a junior tailback averaging 5.4 YPC behind a veteran offensive line.

Going into the 2010 game, UConn is coming off a fairly successful 8-5 Season, with a QB with a career 116.39 rating, a senior tailback averaging 4.6 YPC behind a veteran offensive line.

Seems... familiar to me.