UConn vs Kentucky Monday night

Submitted by bballislife22 on April 5th, 2014 at 11:41 PM

I don't think Kentucky actually beat us. I'm starting to think destiny beat us. (And Wisconsin, and Wichita, and Louisville, and even K. St.)

On that note... let's go Huskies!!! Keep it out of SEC country Shabazz. 



April 6th, 2014 at 10:40 AM ^

Say what you want about the Wildcats but they are a talented team, just young. In each of the last three games the Wildcats pretty much trailed all the first half, caught up in the second half, and won, albeit by a last second three. It was like they were feeling their way through the game. Louisville, ourselves, and Wisconsin are all close to our  peaks, the Wildcats are not. They would learn more about their opponents as well as learn to play more as a team then we or the Cards or the Badgers would learn against them. IMHO.


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I'm asking about the last shot of the game.  It looked like the UK player slapped Jackson's right arm, which I think caused him to lose control of the ball as he was going up.  I don't think Jackson was trying to bank it in, I think that was the result of a foul.  Anyone with me on this?  Probably not...


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I think you should change your mind. Last night, and just like every night in the tournament really, you pit two teams that are desperate to move on, desperate not to lose. Fouls are going to be committed, probably lots of them. Yeah, I think a lot of fouls were called but I also think more fouls could have been called, maybe should have been. Perhaps it's turn into a ref-fest but it's kind of the nature of the beast.


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Probably feels pretty low right now. Cal called him out post game on national TV, and then did the same in the locker room, watch him go off in the title game.


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In Trey's case, the 3 was not only necessary to tie the game but very difficult to pull off as Kansas has the option to fould Trey and not allow him a 3 point play. Plus time was way more of a factor, there was very little left.

In Kentucky's case, the last two threes were unnecessary. Against Michigan, it was tied and they had been driving the ball down our throats all night long. Settling for a well-contested 3 isn't exactly the best option in that case...but it worked, so good for them. Last night, a 3 was also unnecessary though more understandable as it gives you the lead, obviously, even if you only need 2 to tie. But in that situation, with plenty of time to get a shot off, the first Harrison brother derped around with the ball dangerously and got lucky to get it to Aaron, who even with some space...shot it from Trey distance, which is not exactly a very reliable shot. I mean, again, it worked, but it's frustrating to watch teams get away with back-to-back final possession shots that in a statistical world probably go in less than 30% of the time (and that's being generous) and were not even the necessary option (seriously...I still have no idea how he didn't go for a drive and score  or pull up jumper against us). I mean...that shot was their second made 3 in the entire effing game.

Sometimes teams get real lucky in these tournaments. Kentucky has been good, no doubt, but also crazy damn lucky at the end. 

And seriously, it would be nice to see them call an offensive foul once or twice. They've been hyper aggressive with their drives and probably get away with it at least a few times a game.


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Well then you are an idiot.  Was it great shot selection, no, but he made it.  There is no argument for that.  Now if you want to argue how the game was called, then I'll probably agree with you.  It is not like it was a lucky shot, it was a long contested shot that I'm sure he has made plenty of times in practice.


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Personally im happy. I had uconn and kentucky in my draft style marchmadness pool. They were my 5th and 6th round picks. Cant complain about winning acouple hundred dollars


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but it's still a toss up. As long as they keep getting thrown back into the cultural zeitgeist, kids are going to be interested in what the Fab 5 was all about and they remain culturally unique. These Kentucky kids don't have 1/1000000th of the personality of the Fab Fivers. 

And I still say that there's no comparison between present day and doing it back in the day when teams were better (not that anyone will care). 

But I will certainly be rooting my ass off for UConn.


April 6th, 2014 at 12:05 AM ^

to hold up against Kentucky.

They have a number of bigs, but they are all slight. 

If Kentucky shoots well from outside, I don't know. 

You wonder if all this athleticism shuts down Napier - the best coaches in the land should be putting their heads together and submitting a concise set of suggestions for Ollie to use or disregard. 



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but Kentucky will be throwing a combination of size and athleticism at UConn's guards that MSU and Florida could not match. 

Still, maybe we will find out that UConn's guards are just that quick - that would be a most pleasant discovery.


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I hated the announcers acting dumbfounded that Wisconsin let him take that shot.  Kid has been a sub 35% 3 pt shooter all season and was 4 feet beyond the line.  Just because he made a couple of big shots the last two games doesn't mean you throw out all scouting and go by the last two games.

When the other team is down by 2 with 7 seconds left in the game that is exactly the type of shot you want them to take when a mediocre 3 shooter has the ball.  Likely a long rebound so no easy tap in and he's unlikely to make that shot.