UConn #20 in Rivals countdown

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Should be an interesting opening game.  With this high of a preseason ranking a Michigan win would definitely open some eyes and get the ball rolling toward a good season. I would love to see a 5-0 start and a swarm of Florida kids come up with Dee for the MSU or Iowa game.




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There is no better way to start a season 1-0 then to beat a team who's biggest strength on offense was your defense's biggest weakness - running between the tackles. Reading more and more about UCONN excites me. The Wolverines are gonna be ready come September 4. Barwis and his wolf-owning instincts helped this team get prepared in the weight room. August awaits. I want to see some good ol' tackling drills on the countdown to kickoff on mgoblue. 8:00am Saturday morning. 5 weeks until kickoff. Loud Noise alert. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


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I know UCONN is a solid team and had a pretty good season last year.  But, didn't they lose their leading rusher, top 2 receivers and having their QB come off ACL surgery? 


I mean I agree with the first comment on how a win would be even sweeter b/c they are ranked so high. 


Random fact,  my buddy facebook chatted with Ricardo Miller the other day and he said that the team is really gelling and in his words are "gonna tear shit up this year".  I dunno if there were any rumors to this but also said no way he moves to TE b/c he has grown a lil bit.




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they did lose their top two receivers but they return their top runner. They lost their # 2 runner and their tackles but return the middle of their offensive line, both qbs that saw time last year and a few receivers who got significant playing time. Also, they picked up a DJ Shoemate from USC. They will be a good team, and it would not be an upset if they beat us. They are ranked higher and vegas has us -3, which means essentially we are even and giving points because we are at home.


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their 2nd leading runner but it's really a situation where they lost 1b. 

They used the two guys almost exactly the same amount last year which leaves question marks as to whether J. Todman will be able to shoulder a bigger load this year or if someone else will emerge.

From front page post by Tim (2010 Opponents: UConn) on July 28th.

Last year's stats are presented with projected starters in bold and departed players in italics.



Jordan Todman





Andre Dixon






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I like that UConn is rated a top 25 team. I think the entire Michigan team is motivated to win this game regardless of the opponent. That the opponent just happens to be a ranked team is just a big bonus. There are a lot of guys that are waiting to open up a can of whoop ass, and I really can't wait to see it when it starts happening. I don't know if it will be this season or next, but listening to what the players and recruits are saying  points to a VERY unified team. Anyone who believes the "family" atmosphere of the Michigan Football team is gone must be living in a cave. 


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I was at the UConn v ND game last year (yeah, I know....we were playing Ohio State at home that day.  BUT, I had no way out).

Anyway, I was less impressed with UConn than I was with how poorly ND played on defense.  ND jumped out to a lead but they could never hold on because their D sucked.

That said, obviously UConn has a program moving in the right direction.  You don't win 8 games in each of the last 3 years without a solid foundation.  Edsall can coach and his players have bought in. 

This is a fantastic test for our first game.  Not a cupcake.  Not a gimme.  We have everything to prove and I think it will be a real glimpse into how much we have or have not improved.  Let's Go Blue!


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that Coach Rod has been quite successful against Coach Edsall; this appears to be a bad match up for Coach Edsall. I don't think our program has reached 'reload'  phase where the team has reached it's zenith and the replacement starters continue the competence, but I do feel we have enough talent to duplicate the effectiveness of Coach Rod's squad vs. the Huskies.

Fellas, September is right around the corner, I am so hyped! When Brock walks across the field I'm going to scream so loud I'll probably have an aneurysm and die! It would be a great portrait though -similar to Nelson's death at Trafalgar, me thinks- me collapsed in the arms of my worried wife, fans around us concerned as I lay there, while in the background most of the rabid fans are still cheering Brock on his epic walk as the team begins to shoot out of the tunnel towards the banner...


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The best defense in this game will be a good offense. UConn has trouble with mobile quarterbacks and spread offense. If Michigan wins the toss, take the ball. Take the ball and then score like woah. Rodriguez has faced similar UConn teams in the past, so I think scheming will come naturally to him. And now, finally, he has the pieces in place to exploit some known weaknesses.

If we get UConn out of their grinding run game, and prevent an exchange of big plays, they'll be forced to go to the air. Normally that would be terrifying with our defensive backfield, but it will allow us the chance to expose their pass blocking, and their inexperienced new OT's (who I don't know, but they're not as good as Van Bergen, Roh, or Martin).


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The best defense in this game will be a good offense.

I feel like we will need to score a lot of points in each game we play this year.  You can still have a great season as long as your defense is just "good enough" (See 2009 Cincinnati Bearcats).


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It seems that their strength is in the running game. If our D-line can hold them off and we torch their secondary, I think we got a really good shot against them.


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after MSU, just because of where it falls in the season and them being a good team.  A win there and you get confidence to play at ND, always a tough place for UM to win (save 2006).  A loss and now you have ND on the road and doubts start coming up, it won't be good.  For some reason I see the team starting out either 2-0 or 0-2 and the tone of the season being set there. 


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I think if we beat UConn we go into the MSU game 5-0 and with a lot of confidence. This game is the perfect opener for us. UConn is a good team, however they are by no means unbeatable. If we have a good showing against a decent ranked team to start the season I will have a good feeling going forward.