UCL Day 2- Madrid vs Man U

Submitted by ATLalumni on February 13th, 2013 at 2:11 PM

This is the headliner everyone's been talking about.  Madrid is obviously the more talented team when looked at individually, but Man U is a well oiled machine. While I am rooting for Madrid, we'll see if they can actually play as a cohesive unit.  That said....

Man U  2

Madrid 2



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I totally miss Ian Darke or any of the other British announcers for this game. It just doesn't seem like Euro Football without them. It's not just their accents (though I do love them for this sport) it's their knowledge and better vocabularly that I really miss. ..."What a glorius strike!"


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If I trolled Celtic fans in yesterday's thread.. Just really, truly, hate your club. Anyway, I figured this thread would be a little busier based on the matchup. Come on Real! Let's have it right with those pansies from Manchester!

State Street

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Of course I buy Fox Soccer 2 Go just for this and they only have the world feed.  Props to them for having the "Gus Johnson calls his first game" ad next to the "Buy Now" button.  Anyone know where I can find a stream of Gus Johnson calling this?


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He's either spot on and crisp with the ball or he's sluggish, and complacent. You can usually tell in the first '20. Unfortunately, he looks to be the latter today.. Real's efforts will have to come off the foot of Xavi Alonso or the head of Sergio Ramos.


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Did anyone watch the Castrol Sport Science show on Ronaldo? It was on FSC last week and was literally lights out. If you can find it on YouTube it's more than worth a view..


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Man United:

45th Min Chris Smalling (on) Rafael (off)

60-65th Min Tom Cleaverly or Antonio Valencia (on) Shinji Kagawa (off)

80th Min Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez (on) Jonathan Evans (off) 


February 13th, 2013 at 4:59 PM ^

1-1 is a win for United, playing in Spain.  Atrocious record there.

Sounds like RvP missed a couple of late chances to put a stranglehold on the away tie, but still like United @ the Theatre of Dreams with an away goal.  Also helps that Real Madrid has two Classicos with Barca the week before the next UCL tie.

By then (hopefully) the EPL title will be just about in the bag, so we can rest Vidic, Ferdinand, and anyone else with scrapes/bruises.