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I follow many of the teams at Michigan, and it struck me that the current sports are performing at a very high level. I decided to go through and see how good they are doing and these are the results. (Spoiler Alert: We are doing very well.)

Note: I did not include Track because I'm not familiar with the ins and outs, and it appears they have only so far been competing in large events with no team scoring.

  Record B1G Record Nat. Rank
Men's Basketball 19-6 8-4 (4th) 24
Women's Basketball 19-5 8-3 (3rd) 13
Wrestling 9-2 6-1 (3rd) 4
Hockey 13-12-2 8-9-2 (3rd) 20
Men's Swimming 8-1 5-1 (2nd) 7
Women's Swimming 10-0 7-0 (1st) 2
Men's Gymnastics 1-1 1-0 (1st) 7
Women's Gymnastics 3-1 2-1 (2nd) 7
Men's Tennis 3-1 0-0 (1st) 14
Women's Tennis 3-1 0-0 (1st) 10
Women's Water Polo 6-4 0-0 (1st) 8

As you can see, every one of our current teams (minus track and field) are ranked in the national top 25. Men's basketball is the lowest in the current B1G standings at 4th place. I would guess we will somewhat easily score the most points for the Winter portion of the Director's Cup if we perform to expectations in the post season, especially if Hockey sneaks into the tourney. We will also continue to be at (or at least very near) the most overall B1G championships at the end of the 2017-18 academic year (per season and overall) vs. B1G foes.

For all of the doom and gloom when our most prominent teams disappoint (see: 20 minutes ago if Minnesota hung on to win today in MBB), it's always great to be a Michigan Wolverine.


This should also serve as motivation for anyone making a visit to Ann Arbor that there are many sporting events beyond the big ones to take a look at for high quality athletics at very low or even free admission. I always try to sneak in whatever other event I can when I am in town for Football/Hockey/Basketball, and I am never disappointed.



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to hamper our ability to be elite in revenue sports. That’s not an excuse or limiter, but the recent Adidas scandal and SEC shenanigans emphasize the point. Case in point, Izzo and Dantonio would live under constant scrutiny in AA with their players’ shady antics.

We need JB and JH to find a way to win at an elite level without risking our standards. Leaders and best.


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True, but there is a lot of competition in many ways. Money, facilities, weather, location, sports hotbeds, and even cheating all come in to play. It's quite the feat to be good at everything all at once.


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I was at the wrestling match last night; watched the bball game on TV; and will be at the hockey game tonight. I have no life, but living in Ann Arbor is great. Go Blue!!


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OSU is ahead of us in Men's Basketball, Hockey, Men's Tennis (national rank), and Wrestling (4/10). They play women's hockey while we play women's water polo... both are good I believe, so that sort of cancels out.

MSU is ahead of us in Men's Basketball (1/11)


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yeah, this time of year it's mostly tune up meets, competition preparing for the conference championships and NCAA indoors. The track aspect, athletes qualify and seed all season, and running/competing at the best venues vs the best athletes increases chances to thrive.Honestly Men's track has been on the rise, Women's has been under the leadership of James Henry for quite some time. Both programs continue to excell with a lot of nationally ranked athletes.

With the new facilities Michigan will recruit very well, and currently have the top class coming in. They just beat OSU, MSU, AND highly ranked Arkansas at home, and this weekend host power five teams Stanford, Miami (ytm), Baylor, vandy, IU, etc...it's a pretty high caliber event. So yeah based on what you posted, the track programs are right in line with the levels of success and should be top 25 by the end of the indoor season FWIW.




I am a bit biased. Spent my career as a shot/discus/jav at UM.

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Track will only have multi team invitationals. They used to do one meet vs either OSU or MSU but since those dont help much in the prep for championship season they were scrapped. But regardless both the Mens and Womens teams are off to a great start with the BIG Ten meet 2 weeks away. You can already see on the mens team how much the new facility has helped bring in a good group of freshmen.

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is ranked 17th in the country right now and should send several athletes to nationals, including Erin Finn, the school record holder in several events. She's a real star. 

Track is typically dominated by teams in the Sunbelt and by tradition rich programs like Oregon; however, I believe Michigan's new indoor facility will enable it to become a consistent power in the coming years.