U of M tailgating in Spartyland

Submitted by Indiana Blue on October 12th, 2011 at 10:15 AM

Just secured some tickets for Saturday and now face the task of tailgating in enemy territory.  I was at Northwestern which was very much like tailgating in AA as we were surrounded by  tons of other U of M fans.  I know this will not be the case in EL.  This will be my first trip there .. so any advice from some experienced M fans that have been to Spartyland in the past ?  My age alone prefers being away from the "student" areas as I really don't want to have some 18 year old's msu vomit all over my car that is obviously owned by a Michigan fan.

Is there a "favorite" lot for U of M fans?  Thanks for the help ... and

Go Blue! 



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Tailgate at AA Pioneer, then drive over (using a DD of course) to EL just before the game starts.  It's the only way to be truly safe from the burning couches and drunk MSU freshmen vomit.

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Munn field next to the stadium was pretty good in 09. Lots of wolverines. Beer is "banned" but I never saw a cop so just pour it into a cup and you're good. I think it was $40 and get there early


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But in an attempt to provide you some info, just avoid the "tennis courts" tailgating area. That is where its the craziest party atmosphere. Anywhere in the old part of campus is a more relaxed family friendly/alumni area.  I work park by the MSU Auditorium area.  Get there early to secure a spot.


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a few times and have always been around the main areas for students.  There will be Michigan fans intermingled all over the place.  If you prefer to stay away from the hard core tailgating, I think you will find a more mellow scene and plenty of Michigan fans in the parking lots off of Mount Hope.  Those are a little bit of a hike to the stadium but I think they have shuttles.


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I tailgated 2 years ago there and I believe we were in the planetarium parking lot.  It was fine. The only suggestion is get there right when the lots open up.  They don't allow people to get in line with their cars prior to the lots opening so you have to essentially drive up to the lot just as they open.  Some of the better lots fill up immediately.  

Good Luck!


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I think the plaentarium lot is now a pass lot for the Alumni Association. 

I recommend north campus, anywhere around Human Ecology, the library, West Circle, the Union, etc. All that will be mellow, safe, close to the stadium, beautiful scenry under Beaumont Tower, open fields of grass, ivy covered buildings, etc. There are several parking structures both on and off campus that have parking for $15 and you can set up in any of the open grassy areas.


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Was there in 09. Terrible tailgate, could not find a place to park. I was told they have cut back on tailgating lots and you pretty much have to have a parking pass. We ended up parking at an abandoned car lot on grand river and tailgated there. It was a long walk to the stadium from there but we made the best of it.

Btw, that stadium is a piece of crap. Michigan stadium is on a whole other level.


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I would imagine that you won't have a lot of problems tailgating this year, because Sparty fans think they are going to beat Michigan again, and will view you as losers who aren't worth being assholes to.  

I would seriously consider leaving early after Michigan goes up by three scores in the fourth quarter, though, because your vehicles will probably be seen as "fair game" by a bunch of pissed off Spartyfans.  


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A friend of mine has a office building in East Lansing and I will be tailgaiting there. There is no cost and it is a short walk to the Stadium. (10 min) Easy off and back on the hwy after the game. Coming from AA: Take 96 west to 127 North, get off at the Trowbridge Rd exit, when you come down the exit you will see a Taco Bell, the office building is 2 buildings to the North of the Taco Bell. Look for signage that says Employment Group. Booze friendly,  if you want the physical address, leave a e-mail address and I will forward you the info. You may want to arrive early as the Red Cedar Mouth Breathers know of it as a free close place to park. So lets maize that lot out ya'all!

** It is appealing Red because it's free and they charge for parking directly across the street, tailgated there everytime the Big Blue play there and never had a problem. I am guessing msured does not drive 5 over...... ever......


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I normally just lurk here during UM/MSU game weeks, but I had to sign up to help you out because everything being posted was wrong.

Open intox restrictions are lifted on campus at 7 a.m. for noon kicks, which is the official start of tailgating and when they let you park in the lots. Officially the open intox free-for-all ends 2 hours after the game, although I've never heard of that being enforced.

Here's the parking map - you have your pick of the pink (non-donor) lots.


There are a ton of unmarked lots here north of the river but I'd stick with an official lot if you're not familiar with campus. They are all $15, except for Munn, which is $20. For big games, every public lot besides Munn will be full by 7:15 (I guess I don't know about that random lot east of the M Lot). Munn probably won't fill up until around 9. This is for two reasons: 1) It's way bigger than the other lots and 2) No booze. Open intox is allowed at 7 a.m. everywhere on campus BESIDES Munn. I've never tailgated there but WOTS is that if you keep it in a cup and aren't obnoxious you'll be fine.

I wouldn't tailgate off-campus. I may be biased, but our campus is beautiful and tailgating at an office building north of a Taco Bell doesn't sound very appealing. Not to mention you could get an open intox there. Was never a problem in the past, but apparently EL cops were going around to lots in that area and giving warnings for the first time ever (because you're off campus and therefore subject to the same laws as the rest of Michigan).

Welcome to East Lansing and Go Green!


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Indiana Blue

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Is Munn actually policed ?  or is it a "no flagrant drinking zone" ... I mean really No Alcohol, is very hard to believe ANYWHERE where you are allowed to have a tailgate.  I guess I can understand no kegs ... maybe even beer pong tables, but wtf.

Thanks again very informative, even if you are a RCMB ....

Go Blue!


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Most people just park at Munn and walk to their tailgate in another lot, where their buddy has a donor pass. But some people do tailgate there...it seems to be mostly families and the atmosphere is definitely more low-key than other lots. Some people park in Munn and tailgate directly outside of the fence where they can flaunt their beverages with impunity. The whole thing is a little bizarre.

As an aside, if Munn is your plan, it DOES close after heavy rain (since some of the smaller sports teams practice on it, so cars on wet grass kinda ruins the field). Hopefully not a factor this week. Looks like we have a good shot at beautiful football weather.


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Since when does MSU take their open intox laws so serious? Does Michigan follow the same type of policy? Normally my dad and I grab a couple for the walk on up to the stadium as we wonder around Pioneer and I've never even thought twice about it.

The one and only MSU game I went to we just poured our drinks into cups as we were underage anyways.  


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Bring a couple igloo pitchers of bloodies if you're there very early, and safely a couple Natty dirty thirties to make friends with your Sparty neighbors.  Offer them up freely, maybe shotgun one or two for good effect.  Swear profusely and maybe faux dry-hump a milf-y passerby, complete with the windmill ass-spanking motion.  

Say out loud "you guys have a GREAT vet school" and maybe break something loudly over the course of the morning to settle down suspicions.  

I'm just posting this because I want you to make it out alive.  Choose not to heed, and you're on your own.