U-M Spokesperson: Coke promotion was a "miscommunication" (update)

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They just didn't execute. 


Michigan spokesperson tells @McMurphyESPN that Coke promo tweeted by @ByAZuniga was a miscommunication pic.twitter.com/SOUJdUXvCW

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All purchases made so far through this promotion, though, will be honored -- per Michigan RE: Coca Cola-gate.

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) September 23, 2014


In other news, my followers on Twitter (several post here) have held me to this: if he's hired, I will buy the same cheap ass pleated khakis that Harbaugh buys from Walmart (yeah, yeah) and wear them for every single game he coaches at Michigan, if he is hired. Even if it's 80-plus degrees.



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I hate seeing the fanbase this delusional.  Harbaugh is in his dream job right now.  Plan B and C and D and E for him would be other NFL teams.  Not Michigan.  If he crashes and burns in the league, after enough years of waiting and maybe a year or two as a CBS studio analyst, yes, maybe, send him an invite for coffee in Schembechler Hall and he'll be open to discussion.  And probably still say no. 


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Jim and his family did not even have to move when he went from Stanford to the 49ers. Why is everyone so convinced he prefers an alternate NFL destination such as Tennessee or Jacksonville to Ann Arbor. Jim is anything but dumb, he is not going to jump from NFL job to NFL job just to stay in the pros. He will look for stability, control, and the chance to be revered as he is not getting any of that now.


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Harbaugh might or might not be interested in returning to Ann Arbor at this stage (though in past it certainly seems like he has been). He's probably smart enough to look at Saban, the stability, salary, control and lack of York family relatives and do the math...



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Yes, he has free will, and maybe he'll decide to go coach semi-pro rugby in Australia next season.  That is also possible, I grant you.  For purposes of discussion, it's not worth consideration.

As far as "how I know," not only do I live in the SF bay area and am constantly inundated with 49ers (and Stanford) news, my upstairs neighbor all last year was a 49er you would know.  We'd often walk our dogs in the same park and chit-chat about the team and NCAA.  I asked a lot about Harbaugh.  Suffice to say, he has the free will to leave for Ann Arbor.  That's fine.  And I have reasons to believe he just. ain't. coming.

And I'll post accordingly when he comes up in the discussion.  I'd love, love, love it if he came, but if we're discussing reasonable possibilities, I think we should leave him out.



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I used to play basketball at a gym where one of the Detroit Pistons did his summer conditioning program.  Back after they drafted Darko, but he didn't play at all his first year, I asked the guy about him and he told me Darko was "great" and was going to be "a force".


Moral of the story?  Just because someone on the inside that you know casually tells you something doesn't mean it is true. 


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Harbaugh has already had his dream job in college:

"I used to stare down at that field as I was stenciling those numbers," Harbaugh told reporters, athletes and others who crowded into the Arrillaga Family Sports Center's Kissick Auditorium. "I so very badly wanted to go to Stanford and play for the Cardinal. … This was my number-one choice all along."



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I didn't want to leave either.

However, it's become obvious that Harbaugh can't stay in San Francisco.


Taking over the Raiders is asking for your career to be destroyed.  Could Harbaugh pull it off?  Maybe, but that is a big risk, even for a coach that has been as lucky as him.  The Raiders may be the biggest tire fire in the NFL right now, though Tampa is trying hard to match them.


Once you get past those choices, unless the Chargers job comes open you are out of California anyway.  So it would really come down to Harbaugh wanting to be in the NFL at all costs.  Ann Arbor/Detroit Metro area is actually a really nice place to live compared to most places not in California.  Harbaugh is not a dumb guy--he knows that MOST NFL coaches get chewed up and spit out in 4 years at every job.  He's having a rough go of it in SF even though he's been wildly successful.  So does he want to keep doing this crap over and over again, or does he want to come to Michigan and plant roots for the next 20 years?

If he can live without the Super Bowl ring, deal with the snow and Michigan can pay him enough, it seems like somewhat of an easy decision to me actually.  But I'm not inside his head and I don't have to deal with his wife.   


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As I have said since the last coaching search and as Henson's sources "closely connected to the football program" have "finally realized," Harbaugh won't coach for David Brandon.  But that could all change soon.  If you want either Harbaugh to become a legitimate candidate, then start counting the days and hours before David Brandon is fired.